Dominical Surf Camp. But What is a Surf Camp?

Movie stars, rock stars, famous athletes and well, just about everyone, are beginning to take notice of a more “adventurous” holiday than the normal beach chill go home, bada bing mini vaca’s we’ve come accustom to.

The media is alive with adventure vacations that include jungle excursions, zip lining, diving (with sharks?), parasailing and now, more than ever, more and more people are focusing their attention on what is being called the “surf camp.”

In Dominical on Costa Rica’s South Pacific coast, there is a young man named Dylan Park who came to Costa Rica with a vision of doing something different.

I didn’t want to be like the rest of them. I wanted to offer people something uniquely mine so that they could return home with a memory to last a lifetime.

Surf Camp Owner: Dylan Park

In 2009 the Dominical surf camp, Sunset Surf, was born!

Today Sunset Surf offers the most diverse selection of surf packages you’ll find anywhere in the country. Some of the most interesting packages include a yoga package and even a martial arts infused surf camp adventure.

You are probably still wondering just what exactly a surf camp is, right?

Think of it two ways…

A surf camp can be similar to a summer camp experience where you book in for a month or so and during that time, you’ve got your transport to and from the airport, accommodations, buffet breakfast, surf lessons and various other excursions throughout Costa Rica included. This style of surf camp is for someone looking to envelope themselves in the true Costa Rican experience and culture. Every day is something new and exciting!

Then the more traditional surf camp experience whereas your visit is condensed and therefore, jam packed with adventure and adrenaline. Typically this version lasts from between one and two weeks but leaves you feeling like you’ve just conquered the world. Not to mention you will more than likely return home only dreaming of your return visit to the Dominical surf camp known as Sunset Surf. It’s where “aloha” meets “pura vida” for the perfect mix of the tranquilo lifestyle we all envision living. If only for a moment!

Of course these are only a few of the packages they have available however we encourage you to visit their web site at Sunset Surf for more information, photos and contact information on how you can experience the Dominical surf camp adventure with Dylan Park!

The sun might set but the adventure doesn’t stop there!