Diddy Protege Poprah Is Preparing To Put the Mack Down On Mac Cosmetics

Diddy Protege Poprah Is Preparing To Put the Mack Down On Mac Cosmetics W/Her New Makeup Line “Image Cosmetics”

Poprah says she’s going right after Mac Cosmetics’ customer base and servicing their customers in ways they are not. So far her Diddy-isque strategy must be working, because she’s making quite a bit of noise on the Hollywood scene. She’s says she finds it amusing that some people doubt that she can lure Mac’s customer base to her line, but her response is, “Kmart slept on Walmart, and who’s on top now? The key to dominating an industry, is servicing customers in areas your competitor has overlooked, and that’s exactly what we’ll offer, same quality, better prices, and unique personalized service, in niche markets. I was a business woman way before I was ever on TV. TV was only leverage for me, and that’s what smart business people do, leverage, so watch us grow!”

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The new makeup line has garnered quite a lot of interest in only 2 weeks in business and doesn’t even officially launch until July 4th, Independence Day! The two week model search they conducted as a “pre-launch” promotion drew over 12,000 visitors to the model search site, without any radio, tv, or other advertising except, the strength of Poprah’s “keep it real” brand & savvy social networking abilities. Looks like Diddy’s big girl, learns fast!

Their model search for teen/plus/women of all races, ages & walks of life shows that their business model really aims to include everyday women in their marketing platform & to help them to create their own “image” by using their products. They are preparing for another national model search in July. Models of all shapes and sizes will go head to head to be one of the new faces of “Image Cosmetics.”

“This line is really about addressing a woman’s needs on the inside & out. How you feel on the inside is a direct reflection of how you look on the outside, and vice versa. So we will use these beauty products to empower women through inspirational messages they will receive with every purchase and also by positioning them to supplement their income by simply helping us market our products. We unlike most cosmetic lines, will embrace them by creating a community based site where they can share their stories, support each other, & share beauty tips & information. We want to show women that they can choose the image they project. They do not have to be victims nor reflections of abuse, a bad childhood, a bad relationship, nor our society’s judgments or expectations. They can heal, survive, & thrive, and be beautiful at the same time! We want them to use the information we share, expert guidance we offer, and the many products we will sell, to create their own “image.”

Image Cosmetics, is apparently just the beginning of this empire, Poprah says. She also plans to expand her brand into, Image Hair, Image Fashion, Image Accessories, the list goes on and on. “We want to give a woman everything she needs to create the “image” she wants to project in one place, starting from the inside out.”

Poprah’s line will be featured at several upcoming star studded events, including The Huff Awards in California, The Miss Plus Diva Pageant in Baltimore, the Evolutions of Curves Fashion Tour hitting LA June 26, BET Weekend in Beverly Hills at the Luxe Hotel, then on to Vegas, then Atlanta. Big girl is making big moves with this makeup line, literally!

Image Cosmetics, it’s more than makeup! For more information visit their website at: www.theworldofimage.com