Daily News Golden Gloves Finale 2012

For a little piece of history, fighters brought their best effort to the 85th Daily News Golden Gloves Boxing Tournament at Madison Square Garden. Paved with intense training, sweat and plenty of bruises, the road leads to a chance for that moment of victory and put your name at the top.

This 2nd night featured two women bouts with serious competitors:

Nafisa Umarova with trainer

(132-W) A close fight between Storm Chandler and Bertha Aracil, this match with heavy slugging, hard connecting rights by Storm and good recovery and counter punches by Bertha could have gone either way. Despite an ankle twist in the 3rd Round, Storm Chandler recovered enough to battle through the 4th and take the Championship.

(154-W) With more discipline and control, Nafisa Umarova out-boxed Alicia Napoleon who missed too many punches. The referee stopped the match in the 4th Round for a Nafisa Win.

For the most part, 9 men’s bouts were riddled with action:

Michael Hughes (Blue)

(123-N) With a “No Show-off, here-to-win attitude,” and some good scoring body shots, Jonathan Jimenez outscored Jamesley Dery for the title.

(178-O) The judges saw the fight an Anthoy Pegues win over Luis Rivera. (To me, maybe the last round.)

(132-N) A lot of trading with a Chad Trabuscio win over Jose Cales.

(141-N) Another even bout with heavy trading for a Michael Hughes victory over Yurik Mamedov.

(152-O) Patrick Day with a win over Christopher Galeano.

(114-N) Continuous high action, battling and heart to the end, Mauricio Sandoval took the title over Dharmendra Anjiloi.

Patrick Day (Blue)

(165-N) Great boxing match with Anthony Merete scoring with hard to see uppercuts, but Jeremy Humphrey took the title, scoring well with volleys of punches of his own.

(201+-O) Legor Plevako won over Elijah Thomas in this, “Did anybody throw a punch? Bout.”

Elijah Thomas (Yellow)That’s how it went.

(201-O) In a “What on earth mess?” and “Where’s the Ref?,” an aggressive Joseph Williams threw sloppy, wild punches, resting between them as he pushed and pinned his opponent, Max Tassy, to the ropes. This went on unchecked throughout the bout, and at one point Joseph’s knee was almost pressing Max’s gut in the corner to get leverage and hold him there. I thought I was at an MMA fight. To add insult to injury, when a hard Max right-hand put Joseph on the mat, center ring, the referee called what seemed a clear knockdown, a slip. You guessed it, a win for Joseph Williams.

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