Cavaliers Win 2016 NBA Championship

Lebron James Fulfills Promise to Bring Title to Cleveland

The Cleveland Cavaliers finally won the 2016 NBA championships after defeating the Golden State Warriors in a grueling final season in game 7.

The Cavaliers made NBA history as the ferocious Lebron James led the Cleveland Cavaliers to their first championship in franchise history with a 93-89 victory.

The Superstars in the Game

Lebron James made a promise to bring the title to Cleveland and finally fulfilled that promise. With the help of his equally talented teammates, James was unstoppable on the court. James collected 27 points, 11 rebounds and 11 assists. His performance made a stellar mark in finals history. James was named the finals’ most valuable player for this season as well. The victory would not be possible without the help of Kyrie Irving, whose 3-pointer with 53 seconds remaining gave the Cavaliers the lead.

Making NBA History

The Cavaliers became the first team to rally from a 3-1 series deficit to win a championship.

Amid the Warriors’ dominance in the season with record-breaking wins of 73, the Cavaliers were stellar in their performance and their zestful pursuit to win the championship. Indeed, they emerged victorious and showed the world their dominance in the sport.

James made a game changer by showcasing his thunderous dunks and fadeaway jumpers, blocked shots. His leadership also ignited his teammates’ drive to overcome the odds and be confident on the court.

James won two championships with the Miami Heat, but this was his first with the Cavaliers and his first for Ohio.

The Winning Moment

In the final minute, Curry missed a 3-point attempt that would have tied the game. With 10.6 seconds left, James made 1 of 2 free throws to seal the win.

The awarding ceremony was emotional for James and his team. Tears of joy overwhelmed the basketball superstar as he held the Larry O’Brien championship trophy at Oracle Arena on Sunday.

Cleveland Cavaliers. Lebron James with his teammates during the awarding ceremony. image from youtube screenshot.
Lebron James with his teammates during the awarding ceremony. image from youtube screenshot.

Party in Cleveland

The fans cheered and chanted for joy as they watched with amazement and disbelief the victory of their team.

Following the awarding ceremony, Lebron James said he anticipated a big celebration in Cleveland.

It’s going to be the biggest party that Cleveland has ever seen,” said James.

The championship parade, the one James came back to deliver, is Wednesday.

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