82nd Annual Daily News Golden Gloves: Slug Fest in the Garden

Vincenzo D’Angelo after the win

On April 17, 2009, a packed WaMu theatre at Madison Square Garden witnessed a night of intense boxing finals. The oldest and largest amateur boxing tournament in the world gave the crowd 16 bouts to cheer away their voices.

Christina Cruz (blue) with a tag on Alexis Asher

Some extras of an overall great Thursday event:

(119-W) Christina Cruz displayed some of the finest boxing in town evading a talented Alexis Asher and made scores look easy. One round after another of left, right, right hook, mix in a few uppercuts, changing patterns, a bit of speed, some fine movement to pick punches, and that’s a Christina Cruz win.

(165-N) Vincenzo D’Angelo traded fast, hard and furious hits every round against Gadiel Romero in a nothing but flying fists match that earned D’Angelo the decision.

Stivens Bujaj (blue) about to counterpunch

(201-N) The final bout and upset of the night drove fans wild as the 18 year old Stivens Bujaj with solid defensive blocking and counter punching stifled and kept 32 year old Dmitriy Dudenko off his game forcing the referee to stop the fight in the third round for a Stivens win.

How the rest slugged it out:

(112-W) Nicole Dean with an overall aggressive win over Emily Kramer

(165-W) Jennifer Egan to win a close, tough bout of heavy scoring against Dana Best

(101-W) Laura Ramirez taking a small-with-a-lot-of-guts bout over Lisa Marie West

(178-W) Dawne Thomas winning a first round Stop with a hard hit to Fallon Farrar’s eye

(132-W) Julie-Anne Kelly with a slug fest win over Cherrie Retamozzo

Jennifer Egan

(125-N) Trevis Hall outscored Abdul Perry in a fast Action bout

(141-O) Hard hitting Pedro Sosa defeated Jeremy Fiorentino

(152-N) Shawn Cameron won after heavy trading over Richie Neves

(132-N) Wesley Ferrer Overwhelmed William Moyet for a 3rd round stop

(201-O) Ngoli Okafor defeated Abdelghani Bousmah after a lot of trading

(132-O) Shemuel Pagan over Vassiliy Zherebnenko in a close one

(112-O) Julion Ramphal with a win over Jose Rivera

(178-O) David Thompson, traded but with more control over Ahmad Mikens

Fine New York evening of boxing? Stay tuned, Friday night’s the other half.

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