2009 Rudy Sablo Memorial Weightlifting Competition: MUSCLE vs STEEL

Jamie Schoffman

Last Sunday at the “Professional Athletic Performance Center,” The Metropolitan Local Weightlifting Committee conducted a competition to honor the memory of Rudy Sablo. Member of the Hall of Fame, coach and World War II physical trainer of the legendary Tuskegee Airman, this New York fireman is remembered as both an inspiration for athletes and a humanitarian.

Lost Battalion Hall Team Head Coach Joe Triolo with other coaches and The Cupcakes

Begin with curiosity. The lure of Olympic-style weightlifting beckons basic and primal: How much weight can I lift off the ground and over my head? The thought infers the “lift” will be all you and unassisted. After hard training, hours of dedication to build strength and technique, when the moment comes, the feel of iron resistance, chalk and metal, sweat and concentration, the will is put to the test. The bar and steel intimidate and discourage, heavy on the body and heart. Grimace and Strain, grit and pain, gravity says No way, but in defiance the weights still go up. Hold. Shine. Cast off the burden and the weight.

Outstanding Team Award Metropolitan Elite with coach Artie Drechsler

Results of May 3 competition Garden City NY: Organizer, President of the Metro Weightlifting Committee Chris Smith:

(Class, name, totals of Snatch and Clean & Jerk)

To convert kilos to pounds multiply kilos by 2.2046.

Outstanding Woman Lifter – 69k Jessica Carrero 173k total 380lbs./

53k Amy Zorn 76k total / 53k Vanessa DeChiara C&J 65k / 75k Jinhoos Rajheb 107k total / 75k+Andrea Kilby 91k total / 63k Nicole Spayed 95k total / 75k+ Jackie Licata 172k total / 63k Arielle Lippman 152k total / 63k Deborah D”Agostino 123k total / 58k Ivone Curran 83k total / 48k Rozilene Curran 47k total / 63k Alicia Mai 108k total / 75k Elke Lohan 131k total / 53k Beth Teranova 120k total (win)

Chris Adkins

Outstanding Male Lifter – 85k Frankie Murray 300k total 661.2 Lbs.

Outstanding Jr. Lifter – 77k Eric Briglia 220k total 485.1lbs.

Outstanding School Age Lifter- 62k Jonathan Rizk 142k total 314lbs. (win)

Outstanding Master Lifter -n 94k Tom Huges 185k total

56k Leandro Curran 82k total / 62k Leonel Vargas Snatch 50k / 85k Chris Adkins 152k total / 77k Steve Vogel 151k total / 77k Dave Boffa 273k total / 77k Sergio Spitidigliozi 200k total / 85k Srini Mudambi 152k total / 85k Deen Marracone 175k total / 85k Dave Bruzzi 110k total / 85k Jo Young Soon 188k total / 94k Jonathan Dematteis 180k total / 94k Rob Garrick 197k total / 85k Joe Dambriet 210k total / 56k Mike Graber 176k total (won) / 94k Joel Quintong 254k total (win) / 105k Bryant Simmons 162k total / 105k+ Jeff Scott 202k total / 105k George Manchenko 219k total / 105k+ Jamie Schoffman 214k Total / 105k+ Dan Boland 200k total / 105k+ Tristen Hottman 215k total / 105k+ Gordon Coors 145k total /

LBH – Coach Joe Triolo Met Elite – Coach Artie Drechsler

Frankie Murray

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