Voter Fraud Rampant Despite Major GOP Win

Fiscal sanity has arrived. Respect for in-utero humans has returned. Republicans now have the majority of the Senate, and the House, for the first time in at least forty years!

It’s common knowledge Obama always attacks voter ID laws, contending they are being pushed “by racist Republicans who want to disenfranchise blacks.” It seems Obama has torn several pages out of the 1983 Consent Decree, legally barring the GOP from fighting voter fraud.

The race-based Consent Decree negotiated by Democrats against the Republican National Committee has eliminated most of the RNC’s options on voter fraud. GOP could be cited for contempt, and coming under fire for clean-up of American elections.

The Judicial Review says the case is the Democratic National Committee vs. the Republican National Committee, originally from 1982.

Kansas Superstorm In Wheat field
An isolated supercell thunderstorm threatens southcentral Kansas on June 5, 2004. The flying saucer-shaped severe storm produced baseball-sized hail. A storm such as this was remindful of an election won by the GOP, actually filed with voter fraud by Democrats.

The judge who signed the Decree, Dickinson Debevoise, supposedly retired, but is still controlling the case. He won’t really relinquish full control until 2015.

ONLY the RNC is required to “refrain from undertaking any ballot security activities in polling places or election districts where the racial or ethnic composition of such districts is a factor…”

In other words, voter ID is off-the-table because Democrats say it’s restricting all voting, particularly from those not American citizens. …No kidding!

Used since 1982, it has stopped Republicans from any challenge to voter fraud from districts with “racial or ethnic populations.” But it’s known Democrats engage in voter fraud continuously. Multiple voting from felons, illegals, and many individual Democrats, is not discouraged, but actually promoted in hundreds of cases.

The Liberal Fraud on Voter Fraud by Mark Levy on Creators …com, is an example of what’s happening.

Mass Vote Registration in Georgia Brings Accusations of …voter fraud, is another.

Most Democrats have resorted to their typical tactic of race-baiting.

Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation screamed: “Strict…ID laws pose unique barriers and possible disenfranchisement for more than 24,000 transgender voters.” Undergoing major surgery for a sex change is a process actually requiring photo ID before the process.

Democrats have resorted to their most reliable tactic: race-baiting. None has done so more gratuitously than former Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC). She has distributed flyers suggesting that if Thom Tillis won, blacks would be lynched.

Even the New York Times admits Democrats play the race-card almost continuously.

J. Christian Adams, a Justice Department whistleblower, knows Democrats are stopping states from guaranteeing only eligible citizens are voting.

Someone must quantify the immensity of the problem, and exactly how many fraudulent votes exist. Adams also wants to eliminate Election Day registration, which demonstrates massive potential for fraud.

From Adams: “That’s how Al Franken (D/Mn) won the [last] election, because all of these felons showed up to vote.” Winning by 312 votes, it was found 1,099 illegals cast votes for Franken. And he won again in 2014!

The American Civil Liberties Union claims ID laws deny the vote to thousands who allegedly cannot afford to pay for a government-issued photo ID.

But they never have to pay anyway!

The Journal report has Obama saying: “The real voter fraud is people trying to deny our rights by making voting harder in the first place.”

WorldNewsDaily has reported on a wide range of allegations of voter fraud just recently. Many of the fraudulent votes are listed in the above link.

See the BIG LIST of vote fraud reports coming out of the 2012 election.

Unfortunately, that’s only the start of what could decimate our entire Electoral Voting System.