US Presidential Election Spoiled By Fraud?

Election A Fraud Itself

All 2012 election results say Romney should have won the election. But it didn’t happen. One can scream ‘sour grapes” for 4 more years, but it will never work. However, incontrovertible evidence is different. What if that evidence exists, but still makes no difference? Devastatingly, Obama had full knowledge of what transpired, or allowed voter fraud to go on unfettered to win his second election.

Voter ID laws in the US map
Map of voter ID laws in US; Date 16 September 2011. Colored states include a)strict voter I.D., b)photo I.D. or alternative, c)non photo I.D. The rest of the states are unmarked.

Edward Klein (author/”The Amateur”) had known Obama concluded after the 2010 elections, he would lose in 2012 if the election was a referendum on the economy. And, the debt, and the economy tanked. By 2/24/12 the Gallop Poll reported 51% of Americans said Obama’s views were too liberal, changing from 37% in 2008. Gallop also said Democrats had lost their advantage in 18 states, while Republicans gained a solid advantage in six.

Documented Election Fraud

Documentation from World Net Daily on 2012 election results:

-thousands of overseas veteran results were not counted (vast majority vote GOP)

-multiple swing-states (virtual electoral ties) showed almost no votes for Romney at all

-Democrats casting multiple votes for Obama ( 2,3, or more times)

-Black Panther voter intimidation trying to vote Republican in Ohio locations

-both candidates got daily polling updates through election, and Romney (recent interview) was convinced he would win

On 2/12/13 [EIB Radio], Rush Limbaugh stated poll results revealed (just prior to election) 54% of electorate disapproved of Obama’s policies, 61% opposed ‘Obamacare’, and 86% disagreed with Obama’s policies for our country’s direction.

Project Veritas Proves Scandal

Chuck Norris (WND) revealed, in scandalous footage [by James O’Keefe/Project Veritas], an Obama campaign worker helping an undercover reporter cast a ballot for Obama in 2 states. The worker (Obama supporter) had illegally registered to vote in Texas and Florida.

Veritas also found Obama campaign workers in NJ, NY, MN, NH, DC, and VT. Ballots typically used celebrity names, and even some of the 1.8 million deceased people Pew Center reports are still on voting rolls. The closely divided electorate, meant vote fraud easily swung key races. According to Veritas, NC had 30,000 residents who died (2002-2012), and are still registered to vote. In D.C., Veritas also had made undercover videos targeting Medicaid, NPR, and ACORN, with devastating results.

Likely Widespread Voter Fraud

-August; Colorado sent out 4,000 letters to people on voter rolls who were non-citizens ineligible to vote.

-September; Florida identified 198 non-citizens who were illegally registered to vote.

-Per Columbus Dispatch in two Ohio counties, number of people registered to vote exceeded the voting-age population. At least 1 out of every 5 Ohio voters were likely to be ineligible to cast a ballot.

-Over 23 states currently have to require voter IDs. But, As WND reported, the Advancement Project is fighting a war against voter ID laws.

-True-the-Vote (Houston-based) had notified 160 counties across the nation where more voters are registered than eligible voters in each county.

-February; Pew Center found 1.8 million deceased people with active registrations in several states.

With 124 million votes cast in the election, multiple estimates by poll watchers reveal estimated ‘known’ fraud would provide a 5-10 point swing in vote total (or 6-12 million vote fraud in 124 million total), so there should have been 6 million more votes for Romney, and 6 million less for Obama.

At Election Day’s end, Romney lost overall popular vote 50.6% to 47.8% (2.8% margin is 3,472,000 votes, out of 124 million cast). Something really major had happened, even surprising the Obama campaign. A Romney win, turned into an Obama marginal victory.

Major Fraud From Early Voting

Many don’t understand how early voting can damage an election-something in which Democrats have specialized.

In 2008, early voters (31%) cast their ballots prior to Election Day, and 64% voted early in 2012. Strategists saw over 70% of ballots were cast by 11/6/2012 in FL, NC, CO, and NV; and over 30% in OH, WI, and IA. The Obama campaign sent hundreds of field organizers to “chase ballots,” and ensure they chose Obama.

A major problem of early voting allows ‘exponentially’ increased ballot fraud, and voter intimidation. It’s almost impossible to have the same safeguards maintained at regular polling places on Election Day, such as voter ID, and poll watchers from two parties.

Early voting has increased voter intimidation from supervisors who drove voters to the polls. Early voting included certain industries, union members, and even nursing home patients. Early voting by mail, means those watching the ballot marked, or seeing it before mailed, may reward if the vote pleases the watcher.

No doubt, fraud was rampant by Democrats in the 2012 election. And by known fraud numbers and swing-state outcomes, it seems obvious the wrong person was claimed victor. People who still favor Obama are either grossly uninformed or major sycophants after listening to Obama oratory.

Americans have always been resilient, no matter how oppressed. They will understand, and once more climb out of the hole into which they have fallen. Guaranteed.