US Must Return to Government of The People By The People and for The People

The world in the first century A.D. to the 17th century, was mostly ruled by Kings and despots or self made rulers. These despots or the Kings of the world, in any generation of time, seem to have the same opinion.

They see men or those within their rule, as sinners unworthy of freedoms, and they must be punished for their trespasses. To control men they insist on abolishing all sin with control, through edicts.

They wanted no sin so they established compulsory virtue, with force. Their rule required the severest penalties upon their subjects found guilty of offending the principles of rules.

The rules or edicts would either be placards nailed on the Kings’ post or they were given vocally by the King’s guards as they traveled various routes to notify and enforce the Kings laws. Those who broke the laws were punished severely by the enforcers of the King’s law. The judgments were handed out with little or no respect to those who broke the laws.

The people feared the Kings government and this is how Kingdoms ruled and kept order in the lands. Few people could read and owning books was a serious crime and required serious punishment for breaking the Kings edicts.

The framers of the constitution of the United States came to this continent to escape tyranny. These men wanted to worship as they pleased, run government not with force but with honesty, integrity and they set out to accomplish a free nation dedicate to liberty. No more Kings who prescribed what they believed required what was worshiped or how and where one lived…

Freedom was a gift that only Kings and their inner circles could enjoy. France, England and Spain were monarchy governments. There were however other people of other nations who came to the New World. This was going to be the melting pot of the world and it would require a government that would allow freedom to grow.

Now after 237 years the purpose of the framers of the constitution of this nation is being lost. The people of this nation have lost the freedoms their predecessors’ established. Those freedoms require people to be involved in their government. It hasn’t happened over night but it is an on-going process.

The political leaders of this nation see no other way to control people other than restricting rights and privileges by increasing regulations which reduce freedoms. In simple words, they are ignoring and by passing the constitution through the Supreme Court and with Executive Orders.

The process of eliminating freedom continues with every generation mostly because only a few of its citizens understand what is happening and are trying to change it. The political leaders tell the people, how else can we eliminate crime, hunger, and waste without laws to regulate freedoms? Some freedoms must be lost to give equal rights to everyone one.

The majority ignores the slow process of abandonment of their freedoms and fall into the chasm of apathy. They take for granted their freedoms and think those in government will do the right things. They believe politicians who speak with fork tongue (Indians saying) and slowly slip into the gorge of national slavery.

What will wake people up before it is too late? Those who see what is happening and warn their families, neighbors and tell government to stop are one hope. The other is something will happen in this nation that shakes the very foundation of security people believe they have in this the land of the free and the brave.

I hope it is not the later which we finally experience before we wake up, because it won’t be enjoyable to experience. Many will lose their lives and it may take years to recover and re-establish the purpose of this nation’s constitution.

A nation dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal with equal rights and freedoms. We must return to a government of the people by the people and for the people, only this type of government can give men real freedoms.

The success of a free society is for people to love freedom more than they love life and will do what freedom requires by maintaining its status.

Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.