Try Recalling California’s Anti-Gun Politicians Before Starting Your Revolution

Every time politicians hostile to the Second Amendment enact a new anti-gun bill or judges hostile to the Second Amendment uphold an anti-gun law the blogs, web forums and social media light up with a call to arms to overthrow the aforementioned scum sucking swine.

California State Senator Kevin de Leon: Recalling California's Anti-Gun Politicians
Prime Target – California State Senator Kevin de Leon – Just 17,452 valid voter signatures required in order to force him into a recall election.

Might I suggest that before starting a revolution which, knowing Californians as I do, would be a revolution which will be sparsely attended, perhaps you might consider availing yourself of the ballot box first and recall a few of these anti-gun politicians from office?

Sure the recall effort might fail but it will drain the finances of the politician being recalled and given that the anti-gun politicians tend to be from safely Democratic districts, like blood in the water attracting sharks, rival Democrats will go after a fellow Democrat with no conscience or remorse in order to replace him in the recall election.

This is what happened to the co-author of California’s first so called “assault” rifle ban, David Roberti. He was forced into a recall election, which he survived, only to be defeated in his run for state treasurer because he had spent all of his money in the recall election fighting to keep his state senate seat.

The prime target is State Senator Kevin de Leon who has taken it upon himself to be the poster boy for anti-gun legislation these past years.

Kevin represents the 24th Senate district of California in which there are 385,474 registered voters.

It would require just 17,452 valid signatures on an official recall petition in order to force Kevin into a recall election.

And if that recall election fails, Kevin can be forced into another recall election until he is completely broke or the voters get it right and throw him out of office.

This latest so called “assault” rifle ban that Governor Brown signed passed with 24 votes in the state senate. It required 21 to pass. If there had not been 21 state senators voting in favor of this bill, and every other anti-gun bill, then the bill would have died in the legislature regardless of how many Assemblymen and women voted for the bills.

First of all, don’t vote for any politician who voted for an anti-gun bill this November.

Secondly, there are ten state senators who voted for the latest so called “assault” weapons ban who won’t be on the November ballot. Their seats won’t be up for an election for another two years and more.

This is plenty of time to remove them from office, three or four times over.

Here is a list of state senators for you to recall, the district they represent and the number of valid signatures it will take to force them into a recall election. Here is an explanation as to how the recall process works.

Prime target – 24th State Senate District – Kevin De Leon – 17,452

  1. 2nd State Senate District – Mike McGuire – 53,784
  2. 6th State Senate District – Richard Pan – 35,926
  3. 10th State Senate District – Bob Wieckowski – 32,693
  4. 18th State Senate District – Bob Hertzberg – 22,658
  5. 20th State Senate District – Connie M. Leyva – 18,240
  6. 22nd State Senate District – Ed Hernandez – 19,608
  7. 26th State Senate District – Ben Allen – 40,737
  8. 30th State Senate District – Holly J. Mitchell – 22,712
  9. 32nd State Senate District – Tony Mendoza – 25,863
  10. 40th State Senate District – Ben Hueso – 21,456

It won’t be necessary to successfully recall any of these. However, it will send a message to the entire legislature that there is a price to be paid for supporting anti-gun bills.

Just ask David Roberti. Last time I checked he was working for a trash collecting company.