Trump And His Effect On Youth

Donald Trump was never the American millennial’s President – owing to his extremist ideals and policies. The American youth not only has serious issues with the President’s policies but they also detest where he has taken politics in general. Thanks to Mr. Trump, more and more youngsters are reading up and keeping tabs on American politics – but it’s not leading to anything good, as America’s socio-cultural situation stands on very shaky ground. Being woken up about the political, economic and cultural crises has only embittered the younger generation.

Take the economy and employment sector for instance. Trump, who promised to be the best job-producing President in American history can’t even tick off some of the basic bucket list ideas in an average millennial’s list. Statistics reveal that more and more American people, especially in their mid-twenties are moving back home as they can’t afford to pay rent and sustain themselves on one salary. Let alone buy a house, or go on vacations. Now, this is not entirely Trump’s fault – of course. Obama administration could not completely do away with the aftermath of the 2008 fiscal crisis, but Trump couldn’t deliver on his promises either.

Jobs in the retails and manufacturing sectors saw no dynamic growth, Trump’s student loan policies are messier and of course, the tax cuts do not help the average American youth. Moreover, his raving self-praise, disastrous responses to emergency situations or cultural issues, has alienated the President from the millennials. What Trump doesn’t realise is that the working class American youth has grown up reading and hearing about the recession, and lives in fear of it. They have seen their family members get laid off and their parents struggling with finances, and when they see themselves struggling too, they obviously stop having faith in the government.

Having a college degree and a decent resume is not just enough for the American job market anymore and nobody knows how to fix the situation, since there is no distinct way of knowing what is going wrong. Plus, there are random cultural disturbances, racial profiling, fluctuating healthcare, pay gaps etc. It is very important for Trump to initiate himself with the issue of growth – not just economical, but cultural and social, too. There is very little the American youth can bank upon and their going back to live with their parents is a very strong sign of economic stagnation. To make things worse, Trump does not connect with the young Americans – on any level.

The fact that they are pretty proficient in American politics now, thanks to late night shows or pretty much any show does not help Trump’s popularity. The millennials also function through social media – and the angst against Trump’s administration is slowly growing on Twitter, Facebook, and almost every social media portal. Since they have no jobs or even bucket list ideas which could come true in the next ten years, they don’t know how to navigate America. They can’t start their own business or begin a start-up due to lack of financing and strict loan policies. This economic failure is obviously coming at the price of their independence and experts fear American freedom might just become a myth in the next few years.

Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn’t know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.