The Huge Separation in Presidential Candidates

Reason to Vote

Because he gives things to people from taxpayers, Obama wants your vote. Romney wants you to vote if you’re a citizen, wants the Democratic-republic form of government the Founding Fathers wanted, and knows our government is Christian-based.

LIFE Most Important

Most importantly, Obama has trampled on the very first right listed in the Declaration“LIFE”. From Killing the Geniuses | Crisis Magazine, one learns at least 40 million deaths have resulted in Obama’s first 4 years ‘hawking’ the Pill and chemical and surgical abortions, in the US alone.

Forget for a second that Obama now has accumulated over $16 billion in debt. Interesting-he has been so casual about his debt accumulation, and our impending financial train wreck.

The Give-Away Society

The Daily Caller lately provided a story that during a 1998 Loyola College Forum, then-state Senator Obama spoke about “working poor” and “welfare recipients,” as a “majority coalition”. He specifically stated this could be leveraged politically.

For a November win, Obama is giving recipients more government assistance, more food stamps and more cell phones. As Fox News reports, the program Lifeline has existed since 1985. When Obama became president, Lifeline exploded from spending $772 million (2008), to $1.6 billion (2012).

For over three years Obama has not presented a budget to Congress. So much for transparency.

Oil Drilling Not To Be Done

Accessing the Gulf of Mexico and the Outer Continental Shelf , America could be oil-independent by 2020. Surprisingly, Obama has cut back offshore oil drilling by Americans. But he has loaned Brazil (our tax dollars) for offshore drilling. Per FOX News, and the Bureau of Land, Bush (FY2000-FY2008) had approved 116% more drilling permits than existed. Obama (FY2008-FY2011), on the other hand, has eliminated 36% fewer.

Watercolor of U.S. Marine Captain Joe Foss shooting down a Zero over Guadalcanal in October, 1942.

Included in the >2000 page Obamacare, he added various draconian regulations to industries for global warming, and multiple environmental topics.

Executive Order Mandates

In an unprecedented turn, Obama has initiated 923 “Executive Orders” in just 40 months. This takes control away from the House and Senate. All 19 presidents before Obama, averaged only 6.7 ‘EOs’ during each presidential tenure.

Muslim Ties

Joint Muslim activities show Obama’s highly involved with anything Muslim. He now admits ~20 separate Muslim attacks in acts of terrorism. In the Libyan consulate alone, Islamic radicals killed the American ambassador, and 3 others. Knowing this, he initially kept Americans in the dark, saying the attack wasn’t planned, but a backlash for an Islamic film.

Even his actions abroad, such as bowing low from the waist to Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah at a G20 meeting in London, portrays a subservient ‘subject’. A Saudi-backed Arabic paper also took the gesture as a bow.


Ask Dr. Sam Vaknin (Malignant Self Love), on Dr. Sam Vaknin – Barack Obama Is a Narcissist. He defines narcissism as an inordinate fascination with oneself, vanity, and/or egocentrism. Even though not a PhD, he is one of the few world authorities on narcissism.

Vaknin shows Obama’s language, demeanor, and testimonies of his closest friends, suggest Obama personifies narcissism. David Koresh, Charles Manson, Stalin, Saddam, Mao, Kim Jong III and Adolph Hitler were a just a few other examples of narcissists.

Narcissists almost always want power. The media, focused on Obama being “the first Black president” pushed for a book about race relations. Obama’s book (later a film), “Dreams from My Real Father,” explores in detail the relationship Obama had with Frank Marshall Davis, a Communist Party member suspected by the FBI to be a Soviet agent.

The Other Anti-Obama Film by Cliff Kincaid (Accuracy in Media), goes into detail about Obama’s Marxist ties. It is predicted Obama will eventually cause widespread racial resentment. They will dig their heads deeper in the sand and blame Obama’s detractors of racism, setting the clock back decades.

Charmed with his acquired narcissism, realizes people become ‘clay’ in his hands. He creates a personality, through cult mentality. His admirers-his co-dependents.

Facts Obama Did Not Want Known

Now we find out Obama may be homosexual. Evidently, he’s still tied very closely to Chicago politics, his old pastor Jeremiah Wright, and Jesse Jackson.

In Thumbnail [“Voices Without a Vote”], produced by local below-voting-age college and high school students [San Diego County, Ca], this 3-minute, professional-quality video was made and will blow your socks off. The young are our future, obviously.

Kevin Roeten can be reached at [email protected].