The American Presidential Path

Romney’s Blatant Acquiescence to Foreign Influence

In regard to his trip to Israel last week, I was shocked and saddened by Mr. Romney’s blatant acquiescence to foreign influence in the US presidential campaign.

I would like to know just how an American presidential candidate appropriates a militant foreign ideological extreme in order to obtain votes.

“Jerusalem” The Capital of Israel?

jerusalem is the capital of
Romney visits Israel to show his foreign relations credentials

Romney’s succinct statement that “Jerusalem” (not Tel Aviv) is in fact the capital of Israel, has unduly compromised a decade of international diplomatic efforts. His political acquiescence has no rational basis other than obtaining the support of wealthy western Jews, and opens a new crack in US policy to the dubious interests of foreign agents.

I think it’s crucial to understand just how this one sentence has effectively compromised the way in which the world may now view the plight of the Palestinian Arab, whose umbilical cord to the thinking class has been injudiciously cut before birth.

America has never witnessed (on primetime news) the finality of such pandering to foreign influences by a candidate for high office.

Israel’s Political Prowess

Romney’s indiscretion is quite symbolic of how Israel’s political prowess has taken root in American politics, stretching into the regional agendas of foreign policy initiatives.

If Romney were president, it appears that his primary cause of guarding American political and economic interests would be critically defined by his personal indebtedness to non-American representation.

Romney’s Unmitigated Compliance With Foreign Activism

The open imagery of Romney’s unmitigated compliance with foreign activism for political gain is another chapter in the critique of crony politics and a wake-up call to all Americans that their national interests are “up for grabs” if Romney has his way.