Sarah Palin, Smile – You’re on YouTube!

The 1976 song “Sara Smile”, a Top 10 hit, was an ode from Daryl Hall of Hall & Oates to his then longtime girlfriend and songwriter partner Sara Allen. Now thirty years later, the song’s become a hit again on YouTube – sort of.

Currently, spokesperson to the committee, Our Country Deserves Better, singer-songwriter Lloyd Marcus produced and set the Hall & Oates classic in honor of Republican Vice President Candidate Sarah Palin titled “Sarah Smile”.

“Lloyd Rocks!” said talkshowamerica “He is a true patriot who loves this country. Great song Lloyd, and of course you know it will featured on Talk Show America, along with your other great songs!”

Since its debut on Monday, “Sara Smile” has received five Honors on YouTube and has been receiving increasing airplay on the site.

“Not only does this video make me smile”, states patriot1957formccain, “with it are tears of joy for a new hope for America.”

Here’s the video of “Sara Smile”: a woman that not only plans to serve the people of America, but she is also a woman that stands for freedom and liberty – a woman just like you and me: