Politics and Racism Ruining Entertainment and Sports

In the old sitcom Seinfeld, Elaine wants a female to pal around with, and invites George’s girlfriend, Susan to accompany her to various social events that the Seinfeld group enjoys for want of a female friend. This however angers George, whose independence depends on his social standing with the group. Kramer explains to Jerry that George’s sanctuary has been destroyed with Susan now joining them as two worlds collide. Upon entering the favorite restaurant hangout, Susan has apparently taken over George’s seat in the group’s favorite booth, all to George’s dismay.

“Worlds Collide”

Presently there are a whole lot of current events going on that are ushering in a collision of my two worlds. Wayne’s worlds are colliding and Garth can’t do anything but party on. Of course I’m talking about politics and the NFL. I don’t want the two mixed in any way. I don’t want the NFL involved in political correctness, gun control, racism, Obamacare or anything that infringes on an individual’s freedoms, whether that be a player, coach, owner or fan.

Unfortunately, politics are infringing on my world.

You see, the NFL seems to have buckled to political correctness or more accurately religious persecution of Christianity in the case of quarterback Tim Tebow who openly displays his affection of God by kneeling and pointing up to Heaven. Tebow is a quarterback who has shown exemplary skills as an athlete and the ability to win, yet is not currently on any team roster. While it may be true that he was not the perfect passer, his dedication to mastering that skill has still gone largely unnoticed. To Tim Tebow’s credit, he has done nothing but practice, practice, practice to perfect his mechanics of throwing the football under special tutelage. Could Tim Tebow have been black listed by liberals or communists who deny or even hate God? Certainly in this age of discovery or rather this age of following the money trail to find out who the rats are, it is more than possible, it is even probable.

As our nation continues to be plundered economically, due to the precise and predetermined actions of the Federal Reserve and the globalists, and as we are being pulled into a vacuum with the very real possibility of World War III with Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine, with communist China’s aggressive behavior towards Japan and Taiwan, with communist North Korea always taunting the much more successful and freedom loving South Koreans and everything that is happening in the Middle East, in the realm of sports, especially professional sports, worlds collide.

World Domination Over Us

The globalists want open borders with Mexico and United Nations rule rather than a United States whose rule of law is the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. This sort of new world order approved of by Illuminati president puppets that once were and are progressively taking us into communism in order to achieve their ultimate goal of world domination will only hurt professional sports

Black athletes who have dedicated their entire lives towards the end result of achieving financial success for their families and themselves are going to find out that the unions and many of the African American leaders have sold them out for a bigger piece of the pie for themselves. Their piece of the pie, they hope, not only includes more wealth, but more power. Too many fail to realize that the United States Constitution is the most perfect document ever written to defend individual liberty and preserve freedom for all legal citizens.

Racism In Hank Aaron’s Message

Baseball’s legendary Hank Aaron has recently made political and racist statements against those who disagree with Mr. Obama and his communist achievements. Of course, Aaron would not openly call himself a comrade of the communist president using the term communist, but he would attack those who are right wing conservatives as racists. The problem with his assertion is that current Republican leadership is under attack for their lack of conservative values. Hank Aaron also forgets that he has or did have millions of white conservative fans, in spite of the racism that he may have faced in the 1960s. Perhaps it was no coincidence that the American Flag caught fire by pyrotechnics at the Atlanta Braves baseball game soon after. Perhaps God noticed the racism in Aaron’s message and heart or perhaps it was a political statement or maybe just completely accidental.

George’s Worlds Are Colliding

Yes, the entertainment world is colliding with politics and God’s good world is colliding with Satan’s evil world. The end result will be as described in the bible. This makes it very difficult for any God loving, pro Constitution, National Football League fan to give his undivided attention to the NFL draft this year, more so than in past years. The NFL has in recent decades made more of a show out of the beginning and end of the football seasons than ever before. With that show, the line up of strange behavior by musical celebrities indicates that the NFL is truly in bed with the Illuminati, who embrace evil. From Madonna and Beyonce’ to Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, there have been Illuminati symbolisms and often times lyrics that are Luciferian in their details.

The globalists are trying to make worlds collide, George’s, Wayne’s and yours. Is it any wonder that a Holy God would lift his hand off of the United States when the politicians, today’s entertainers and many athletes, their colleges and professional sports teams embrace devilish cults and deny the one true Savior of the world, Jesus Christ?