Vice President Pence Offers To Take Lie-Detector Test Over Op-Ed Scandal

Vice President Mike Pence recently said that he’d be willing to undergo a lie-detector test to guarantee that he wasn’t the author of an anonymous Op-Ed published by the New York Times that supposedly came from inside the Trump Administration. The editorial, which lambasted the Trump Administration and claimed that a cabal of the president’s closest aides were actively working to sabotage his agenda for the wellbeing of the country, has ignited a political firestorm in Washington, D.C., that’s been centered around finding out the identity of its anonymous author.

The Vice President’s willingness to take a lie-detector test is echoed the statements issued by many top administration officials, who have come out in droves to claim they didn’t author the Op-Ed. The editorial that was published by The New York Times editorial board was made more scandalous by the unusual decision to publish the controversial Op-Ed while keeping its author anonymous, given the high political stakes behind the written words.

In an interview with Fox News, the Vice President slammed the integrity of the Op-Ed’s author, asserting that anyone who was willing to attack the administration should have the courage to do so publicly. Vice President Pence also took time to lambast former President Obama’s return to public politics, labeling a recent speech of his as “disappointing.”

“I would agree to take it in a heartbeat and would submit to any review the administration wanted to do,” the Vice President told Fox regarding a lie-detector test.

When pressed as to whether officials should be forced to take a lie-detector test and be subject to free criminal records checks, the Vice President deferred to President Trump’s authority on such matters.

Virtually all senior officials in the Trump Administration have already publicly denied that they are the authors of the scandalous Op-Ed. The scathing article paints a picture of a White House in disarray, and critics of it inside of the administration have labeled it erroneous and based on fake sources.

President Trump recently called on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate the identity of the anonymous author, and tweeted out that his administration was a “smooth running machine” before attacking Democrats as “going crazy.” President Trump also mulled legal action against the New York Times, though he has made such vague threats against many media outlets in the past, including threatening to take the broadcasting license of NBC.

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Mike Pence. youtube screenshot.