Obama Predicted to Be a One Term President

Future President Will be Asssasinated – Reports Subnormal Magazine

The recent assassination attempt upon the life of President Obama was prophesied, reports Subnormal Magazine. Nutcase pothead Oscar Ortega, who dumbly fired bullets in to the White House when the President was gone, accomplished getting his neurotic ramblings heard by media, but he also has landed himself in the federal penitentiary for attempted assassination, reports Subnormal Magazine. He may find himself next being water boarded, guilty of stupidity, if nothing else, reports Subnormal.

President Obama and his team have successfully diverted now at least three assassination attempts during his new administration. According to renown astrologer Irene Hughes, who was personal astrologer for Jimmy Carter and Howard Hughes among more, she reported to Subnormal Magazine that, “They will try to kill Obama, yet they will not succeed. However he will be a one term president, and the president after him will be assassinated, which will spark upheaval.”

Subnormal Magazine states that “astrology is the ancient art of interpreting the most logical outcome of the future based on the scientific study of the mathematical configurations of planets in relation to earlier, similar patterns of actions.” According to the magazine, events predicted according to astrology can be altered based on ones knowledge and intent to alter what would normally be the path of least resistance.”