Obama Birth Certificate Not In Congress Crosshairs

WASHINGTON DC – (NewsBlaze) – About three years ago, from a White House Press Briefing, President Barack Obama, in the face of falling poll numbers about his identity, released his long form birth certificate to the American Public. Now, prior to the forthcoming release by Maricopa County Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Cold Case Posse, we have some questions.

Do lawmakers have any idea what eligibility activists are up to and will they take any action to look into the authenticity of that document? Plus did they know the President’s own document examiner Reed Hayes said he couldn’t defend the document?

“I don’t know nothing about anything.” replied Rep. Maxine Waters of California when confronted by a Newsblaze microphone querying whether she had ever examined the publicly trumpeted document released by the President.

Although, Rep. Waters is often noted by her critics as having ill-informed statements, she wasn’t the only one who had no clue about the identity problems plaguing the President. Over a two day period, Newsblaze.com was able to talk to thirteen House members at the entrance of the subway from the Rayburn Building to the Capitol. We talked to eight Republicans and five democrats.

Responses received ranged from the terse from New York Republican Congressman Peter King “We have more important things to do. I have no more comment.” to the humorous, in a southern drawl from North Carolina Democrat Rep. G.K Butterfield, “There are only fifteen people in America who don’t believe it.”

The Democratic Party answers that we obtained were varied. When Rep. Bobby Rush of Illinois was asked whether he would examine the document he said “I’m not interested in looking at it.” When pressed further about why the President’s own document examiner Reed Hayes could not defend the document he said “I’m not going to get into it. I have no interest in it.”

On the third anniversary of the release of the Obama long form Birth Certificate, is Congress thinking about it?

When Newsblaze asked about interest in the President being who he says he is, Rush replied “As far as I am concerned he is who he says he is.” Pressed further with: “Why not go for a forensic document examination to check it?” Bobby Rush replied, “We don’t need that.” Asked “Doesn’t the American public need that?” He ended with, “No, not right now, the American public for the last eight years … that’s not an issue with them.”

Later on we found Michigan Democrat Rep. John Conyers, and asked if he had examined the Obama Birth Certificate for its authenticity. Conyers replied, “Why would I do that?” We reminded him that the President fought it in court and that his own document examiner again couldn’t support it, he disappeared into the members-only elevator.

New York Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney was asked if she had examined the Obama Birth Certificate that was released on April 27, 2011. She remarked “I haven’t personally read it but its online.” Then we reminded her that its not a piece of paper we asked her if it was a cause for consternation that Reed Hayes could not defend it, her response was “He was born in Hawaii and there are official records.” We then interjected that sources within Kapolani Hospital where the President claims to be born dispute that claim, her response was “That’s not what I heard.”

Republicans Working On Other Important Issues

Of the eight Republican members that NewsBlaze was able to talk to, most were pretty open as expected to just listening to a reporter’s question on the subject. Their response was generally to spin the question that they were busily working on other political targets in the administration.

The most open to discussing the subject was Rep. George Holding of North Carolina. Holding said, “I haven’t read about this in some time … I wasn’t here in the last congress when most of that was considered.” When asked if the North Carolina Republican would seek out his own document examiner to see if this document was really genuine, he said, “If congress wanted to do that, I wouldn’t be opposed to further review.” We then pressed on asked him why he wouldn’t personally do that. “I’m very concentrated on some things that congress needs to be occupying its time with trying to cut spending. We have a seventeen trillion dollar debt that’s driving our country into bankruptcy. That’s the end of my comments.”

Texas Republican Peter Olson, when asked about the Obama Birth Certificate, went right to Eric Holder. “My answer for what the problems in the Administration are – I’ve got a bill, Randy, to impeach Eric Holder … Obama is not my target right now. Eric Holder has lied to congress.” Expanding the lawlessness line, we asked him, “Wouldn’t the lawlessness emanate from someone who is willing to commit identity theft to be in the highest office in the land?”

Again Mr. Olson went right back to Eric Holder, but when we said “so congress isn’t interested,” Olson responded “I wouldn’t say that. … My focus right now is going after Mr. Holder. So many targets! I know Hawaii has some crazy laws where you can’t get the birth certificate and the state withholds it but there’s some way they could have got that out. There’s some sort of cover up there but my main focus is Mr. Holder.”

Of the people that we interviewed, one took us on a walking tour all the way from the Rayburn Building to the Longworth building – Pennsylvania Republican Rep. Tom Marino. We began by asking him why won’t one member do a floor speech to find out if the document was authentic. “I think that issue has been so vetted and if there were something there of substance – I would like to see it. I’m a prosecutor from the past – You need tangible evidence.”

We pointed out to Mr Marino that Mike Zullo of the Cold Case Posse had evidence from the principal signatory to the Obama Birth Certificate, Verna K. Lee, that anything marked “9” on the document was supposed to remain blank due to statistics codes at the time. “I understand and take these issues to heart, but let me ask you, do you think that when Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were both vying for the Democratic nomination, she would have turned over every single stone?”

Newsblaze asked Rep. Marino, “would she care about those sorts of thing?” Mr. Marino did not necessarily disagree with that. “Its not the fact she doesn’t care about those sorts of thing she certainly would have brought something to light. They’re smart people the Clintons!”

“If there’s someone that wants to bring tangible evidence to me as a prosecutor I would be more than glad to look at it. It has to be tangible evidence it can not be innuendos.” We reminded Rep. Marino that there was not one document examiner. “I’m not a document examiner and I do not know the credentials of the people who review these things. I’m not making a deception that there’s nothing there. I’m just saying there’s many unsubstantiated assumptions made. As a prosecutor, you have to have some reasonable concrete evidence.”

We then pointed out that the President had spent millions of dollars in court to keep all his information hidden. Mr. Marino said “because someone spends millions of dollars in court to check something out does not prove substantial evidence. There are other areas we need to focus on. The President has two and half years even if something is hypothetically found.”

After which we asked the Pennsylvania Republican shouldn’t Americans have confidence that the man who is in office is who he says he is? “Let me offer you this if you want to bring to me some evidence or something to read I will keep an open mind about this. I will look at this from an investigator’s point of view.” Asked if he had talked with Mike Zullo, Mr. Marino responded that he had not.

We went to Rep. Pete Sessions of Texas after a minute discussing the President’s policy failures he concluded his answer to us by saying about the Birth Certificate “So what the congress is focusing on is those policy attributes which are within our realm. I believe the court system is hearing the case I’ll be quite blunt with you. The last I heard, it is going through the court system and the time that is spelled out or resolved one way or another. If we need to get into it, I’ll look forward to receiving information about that.”

Rep. Mark Meadows of North Carolina responded about the failure of congress by saying, “It really hasn’t been under any of our committees we’ve been focused on so many other things. That hasn’t been a pressing issue to look into.” When we asked why not check things at the top, Rep Meadows handed us his business card and said his policy was not really to do hallway interviews. Newsblaze may contact the North Carolina Republican in the future to continue the dialogue.

Oversight Needed

Oversight was the key theme of Louisiana Republican Steve Scalise, whose staff tried to brush off Newsblaze when asked why congress hadn’t done a forensic document examination “a lot of oversight of this administration. First of all we were the ones not only examined that did the oversight and subpoenas to uncover the Solyndra scandal. Right now we’re doing a lot of oversight on Obamacare.” When we tried to change the subject back and mention the President’s own document examiner Reed Hayes could not defend the document. The Louisiana Republican replied “I’m not familiar with lawsuits. We’ve been focused on the supreme court challenges. We’re providing a lot of oversight, one of the roles of congress. If you look at how aggressive we’ve been at uncovering things – people wouldn’t have found out about Fast and Furious, about Benghazi, clearly about Solyndra, and others. There’s a strong oversight role to continue to play.”

California Republican Rep. Paul Cooke gave us the shortest response by saying about why congress hasn’t looked into the Birth Certificate “Be honest with you, I think a number of people did. I don’t know the status of it you might want to talk to some of the others.”

Thanks To Representatives For Responding To Our Questions

We thank all of the representatives for giving us their time, whether it was short or long, to respond to these questions, given that it is the third anniversary of the presentation of the false Birth Certificate document. Many people are interested in the issue, even though Congress has insufficient credible evidence and they are focused on other important things they either have evidence of, or that they are investigating. Sheriff Joe Arpaio, assisted by his Cold Case Posse is expected to present his findings soon, as we reported in the story Washington DC Unprepared For Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Universe Shattering Surprise.

Randy Foreman
Randy Foreman is the NewsBlaze White House Correspondent, reporting from inside and outside The White House and around the beltway in Washington, D.C.