Leader of Airwaves Rush Limbaugh Criticizes Pope Francis

Leader Of Airwaves

Rush Limbaugh, leader of radio commentary (conservative and liberal) recently criticized Pope Francis – the head of Roman Catholic. He claimed Pope Francis was against “unbridled consumerism” by saying: “This is just pure Marxism coming out of the mouth of the pope. I’m not Catholic, but up until this, I admired the man.”

First of all, several things need to be clarified, as clear as a bell. As head of the only Church around since Christ’s death and resurrection, the pontiff has always been infallible (cannot be wrong) on issues of morals and doctrine.

Socialism Blamed On Pope

The Pope cites the “Evangelii Gaudium,” just released last week. He called upon politicians to provide “dignified work, education and health care” to all citizens. If you read what was stated, and what was not stated, it’s crystal clear Obamacare is not recommended, and not forcing it down everyone’s throats. In fact, he only called for the “offering” of dignified work, education, and healthcare to citizens.

Notice he said “Citizens” – not illegals.

When Limbaugh talks about the pontiff using words like “unbridled consumerism,” he says it is a liberal socialist phrase to describe the United States. He deems unfettered, as unregulated. Few regulations are necessary, but with Obama, there’s highly prolific regulations.

The “EG” had no words requiring amnesty, activity in Obamacare, guaranteed work without necessary qualifications, or free giveaways. There was only the provision of all opportunities to qualified U.S. citizens. Unfortunately, Limbaugh claimed the pope was spouting Marxism.

The pope talked about economies of exclusion and inequality. But Limbaugh seemed to miss-characterize “exclusion,” which is exactly what Obama is trying to do to America now. The shades of Marxism are no longer “shades.” When Pope Francis asked governments to increase their job creation, Limbaugh responded: “No government can create jobs. All they can do is hamper job creation.” He also stated the pope’s critique of capitalism is “totally, dramatically, embarrassing wrong.”

The pope was actually “espousing” capitalism.

Again, the pope made a direct request for America to maximize job producing conditions. Not to manufacture government-produced jobs that will artificially inflate employment numbers. Obviously, the pope never criticized capitalism, but stated it could lead to the tendency for wealth, which is can be harmful in cases of extreme hoarding.

Obama, nonetheless has decided to downsize the pope’s power in the Vatican.

Jerome Corsi (WND), reports the Obama administration will downsize the U.S. Embassy to the Holy See in Rome – interpreted as an insult to U.S. Catholics. Former Ambassador James Nicholson told the National Catholic Reporter the move was a “massive downgrade” in U.S.-Vatican ties. It reverses all formal diplomatic relations with the “Holy See,” established by President Reagan and Pope John Paul II in 1984.

Alliance Beyond Proportions

The historic alliance between Reagan and the Vatican, under Pope John Paul II, significantly ended in destruction of the Berlin Wall and communism’s demise in the Soviet Union. Reducing our Embassy’s size reveals Obama’s abomination for any joint efforts directly with the Vatican.

Obviously upset himself, Nicholson reiterated the fact “to shoehorn [the U.S. delegation] into an office annex inside another embassy is an insult to American Catholics and to the Vatican.”

Raymond Flynn, a 3-term Democrat Boston mayor before being appointed ambassador to the Vatican (Clinton administration), was also outraged by the decision. From the National Catholic Reporter, Flynn describes this move as hostility to the Catholic Church, in particular. Not only that, but many Democrats say the Vatican should be stripped of its membership in the U.N. because the Catholic Church continues to oppose abortion on moral grounds.

Bottom line – with all of “El Rushbo’s” prowess on the advantages of a capitalistic economy, and a democratic-republic, he has little knowledge concerning the true underpinnings of the Catholic Church. Unfortunately, this time he has reached into territory far beyond his grasp. Certainly, he is not Catholic himself, and brazenly says so. And he does not seem to realize the implications of miss-translating a foreign language.

The likelihood Limbaugh miss-characterized the pontiff’s statements, are … astronomical.