Rumors Abound Over Justice Ginsburg’s Departure From The Supreme Court

It appears that President Trump will have an opportunity to select two more Supreme Court Justices during his tenure. Four appointments by a sitting president is the record and Trump has that chance. Ronald Reagan had four, but each president since has had two.

Justice Ginsburg and Justice Thomas

Most Washington observers are thinking Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg may be forced into retirement due to unfortunate compounding health concerns. The 85-year-old Ginsburg missed oral arguments last week for the first time since her appointment to the court in 1993, recovering from a pulmonary lobectomy in December.

It was reported by Politico that administration officials are already preparing for her departure. The Daily Mail reported that Breitbart bigwig Steve Bannon said that Justice Clarence Thomas will also retire, allowing a Republican president to name his replacement.

People remember that Thomas had his name dragged through the mud as political opponents brought in Anita Hill, who had accused him of sexual harassment in the early 1990s. Her story never did hold water. He will be greatly missed by the conservatives.

Supporting The Constitution

The hope among the right is that Trump will appoint someone as unapologetic for his or her adherence to the nation and her founding documents as Thomas has been. As for the left, they will fight tooth and nail to avoid the Court becoming solidly conservative for at least the next two generations.

But the real fight will be over liberal Justice Ginsburg’s departure. Liberals have been relegated to the high court to win any of their liberal causes. Her absence as a predictable far left vote will be replaced most definitely by a far more moderate justice. Prepare for ugly confirmation hearings that will make Justice Brett Kavanaugh‘s political lynching look like children’s play.

supreme court justices. Justice Ginsburg.

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