Is US Replacing Common Sense With Politically Correct Philosophy?

One of the great questions on Joe the Plumber’s mind is, what makes political correctness the right answer? This nation has replaced common sense with the politically correct philosophy. This then eliminates Joe the Plumber and puts normality into the hands of the government. Not less than 49 years ago common sense was the measuring point to, understanding what is right and what is wrong.

The political correctness began in the 1970s and has evolved to where it has become overbearing. The movement is trying to replace our religious heritage (God Bless America) and definitions of words and expressions with politically correct jargon, as defined by the government or those who are elite.

Truth Replaced With …

Truth has been replaced and (Joe the plumber) is afraid of speaking the truth. We the people have become sensitive beyond normality and fear reprisal from using certain words or phrases, which once defined our society’s belief. This sounds like a military society, a communist idea that is replacing the basic language of our nation into a political machine defined by governmental policy.

Do we as a nation want political correctness to rule our courts or to replace the constitution? Think replacing the constitution is a far out idea? Well remember tyranny begins with social change. When the public begins to let government define language as to what is wrong or right, then tyranny has already started. Being politically correct should not be a standard wherein we are judged or ruled upon. This great change in our thinking appears to be a type of brainwashing.

The idea of politically correct language cannot be construed to be a true definition of right or wrong. It is not a sin to ignore the politically correct attitude of language; nor is it a sin to ignore a politically correct language. If we just ignore the politically correct language it could fade away, but how deep and how vast has the brainwashing spread into and through our nation’s mentality?

My view is, that it has penetrated into our schools, colleges, television news, television programming, radio and our political systems of government. People are becoming afraid to speak, act, and think, because it might not be politically acceptable. College and university classes are already teaching politically correct English.

Language, ideas, and policies, will and do change behavior, thus when people become afraid to speak because of public reprisal, then we are well into the path of social tyranny. After the public becomes afraid, then the government begins the changing of laws that change our rights. In this nation, the government has already started making changes that affect social change.

The changes in the attitude of holidays celebrated by Christians are offensive to those who are not Christians. Christmas and Easter are two examples of this change. Government is seizing the opportunity to replace religion with government. Government wants people to believe it can answer most of our human needs and this becomes the magnet that will polarize public thinking to accept it (government) as the all-knowing entity.

Tyranny And Liberty

Thomas Jefferson stated. “When the people fear government there is tyranny when the government fears the people there is liberty.”

This nation is made up of many religious people and they have the right to celebrate their holidays as they please and Christians have the same right. No Santa Clauses on government buildings, what, and when did Santa become a political figure? The basic religion in this nation is Christian and any others who want to celebrate their religious days have the right to do so as they please. Those who don’t believe in a god, let them take the day off, but don’t deprive others from their religious celebrations.

Government does not establish a state run religion and neither should it be anti-religious. When and what has changed our attitude toward others so greatly that we need to stop people from celebrating their right to religious freedoms or celebrating their faith or belief in religion? This is how being politically correct becomes the rule rather than a passing bad habit. I often wonder who is behind this and other political moves that do and have changed our society. What has happened to common sense and why has this dark cloud of confusion spread across our nation?

As time travels, so our understanding of good disappears into the dark clouds of lost reason. This cloud is becoming more sinister as time continues and will someday turn into a terrible storm. Good people don’t need a politically correct referee to monitor their vocabulary or learn how to become correct by political standards. This whole system of correctness is changing our language, ideas and behavior to conform to a socially acceptable society. This change will become socially acceptable to whom or to what entity?

We learned manners and etiquette in our childhood from our mother. We learned respect for our religion and we embrace the idea expressed in scripture, “do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” What more do we need in social sensitivity than to treat others with respect and goodwill as we desire others to treat ourselves?

Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.