If The DNC is Postive About 2010…They are Ignoring Their Own Party

Once upon a time a collection of powerful Democrat Leaders supported what was seen as a man who could create positive change in the nation they were leading. They made sure every word, action and thought this man had was supported by the whole party. Watching this man create what some believed was exactly what the nation needed, the Democrats stood behind this man through his campaign.

Then suddenly, they realized this man was not doing what he said. In fact, there were instances where he did the opposite. He used his power for things like working to get his state the Olympics, making appearances on late night television and building a garden. Worried over their own political futures and almost fearful of their former Golden Boy’s negative ratings, they began to retreat faster than they came to support their now ignored Golden Boy.

While the youth are, as many pundits have stated, waking up from their Obama induced coma to a very costly and personally dangerous hangover, Political Contributor Dick Morris stated: The democratic legislators too are “Dropping like flies”, and beginning to back off from supporting President Obama. Evan Bay…once seen as a White House hopeful, is one of the most recent “flies” falling away from re-election possibilities. Although he blamed in many ways the factor of Politics in Washington through his announcement speech, the reality…I believe it obvious: Their Golden Boy Obama is losing his sheen and while they can….Dems are jumping ship.

On some morning programs such as Morning Joe, DNC’s Chairman Tim Kaine says he is actually optimistic about 2010 elections. Someone should start reading their memos because, although slowly, the Democratic incumbents who once supported our President, now seem to be saying Obama who?

In fact, Political Strategist Karl Rove stated that some current statistics are very close to the ones which resulted in the 1994 Republican win. Democrats, for lack of a better term, had their chance to make a supposed “Change” happen and the result has been a retreat unlike any other in political history.