Hillary Clinton’s ‘Real’ Concession Speech

“My fellow Democrats:

&^%# happens! Today, I stand before you to officially say we must support Barack Obama. This isn’t the day I dreamed of, but ya know, sometimes personal ambitions have to be approached by a less than straight – different – path. Today is one of those days.

Eighteen million of you voted for me, but it wasn’t enough. Eighteen million of you – by voting for me – told me that you agreed with me when I said that Obama was “elitist,” “out of touch with the values and beliefs of Americans.” Not enough of you, though.

Today, I have to ask you to support Obama as you supported me. Political expediency demands that I ask this of you. I have to ask you to forget all I said about how he is unprepared to take that “3am call.” Forget what I said about his having no experience to run our country.

I said some harsh things about Obama during this campaign. Well, I really did mean every one of them, but today I ask you to ignore all I have said about him, and unite with me. During this race, I have told you all how much I disagree with a lot of what Obama has said. During 22 debates with him, I showed why he is not the man for the job. But hey, that was just politics. Just as I am today officially “suspending” my campaign, all of you now need to suspend your disbelief in our party.

Hillarys real speech.
Hillary’s real speech

There is a saying: The best man for the job may be a woman. Today, I have seen that not enough of you believe that right now is the time for THIS female President of the US. Take heart though. If we get Obama into the White House, we will have a woman there, too. Michelle Obama has proved that she is as much an obnoxious mouth as I ever was. You thought my tenure in the White House as First Lady was bad. Just wait! Another two-fer!

The Democrats have only won three of the last 10 elections to the White House. I suspect that Obama’s usual advisers – both political and spiritual – will have lots to whisper in his ear on his way to political oblivion.

I would like to stand here today and tell you that my heart is filled with gratitude, optimism, confidence for the days ahead. I would like to, but I can’t.

There has been much in the media about my being asked to be Obama’s Vice-President. I have not addressed that so far. This is because I am ambivalent (one of those rare times. lol) On the one hand, as VP I would be able to keep a close eye on Obama, and with Bill’s input, maybe influence Obama and Michelle’s Presidency. As VP, if anything should happen to Obama, I would be President. But, I have never been content to accept second place, except with Bill of course, so doubt I will start now. Time will tell.

My commitment to my own political ambitions remains as strong and steadfast as they ever were. I shall continue doing what I was doing long before the media cameras ever showed up. I am patient. I can wait – yes, I can!

Can we say “Hillary in 2012?” Yes! We can! No excuses, no exceptions.

God help us all.

No, that really is NOT the speech Hillary Clinton just gave. But if she was an honest politician (an oxymoron I know. lol) that is the kind of speech she would have given today. For the full, unedited version of Hillary’s actual political bafflegab, you can go to the BBC site here: [link http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/7442127.stm]

I am still trying to decide who is the more cynical: Hillary Clinton for giving such a speech, or me for believing not one insincere word of it. My hope is that all American voters educate themselves enough to make informed choices come November. Time will tell. Party on!

Ros Prynn is a NewsBlaze investigative reporter and editor, who writes on a range of topics. Contact her by writing to NewsBlaze, or at her milblog assolutatranquillita.blogspot.com