GOP’s Game Plan Simple-Christine O’Donnell As a Sacrificial Lamb!

Christine ODonnell

There’s a starkness to Christine’s new ad. An element of defeat. An admission of guilt to bygone buffooneries. After all, we’re only human. Goin’ in for the kill. Appealing to Liberals. She might as well have secured Philip Glass to do the soundtrack. And now, John Cornyn behind her. And the backing of GOP machinery of Ed Gillespie.

“I don’t know what information Christine O’Donnell has. There’s very legitimate concern about the extent to which China controls our debt and the impact that’s going to have on our economy,” Ed Gillespie told MSNBC’s Chris Jansing. Obviously, this is bunk. Christine never had inside scratch on a plot from China.

Sounds like Karl Rove is behind this. Here’s my theory. GOP strategists can keep voters focused on the Ringling Brothers’ clown car spinning its wheels in Delaware, while secretly Tea Partiers are chipping away at the polls, and can win. Granted, O’Donnell is 17 points behind Chris Coons, but if voters are intoxicated by some boiling cauldron fumes spilling out of O’Donnell, no-one will notice the bungles of Angle, Paul or Miller.

Millions will be preoccupied with bloody altars, mice with human brains, Chinese-Checkers, or I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together, that is you and I are Christine. And Christine (Stephen King) is a motor car with a will and a way to crucify Democrats on November 2nd with chicaneries. Diversionary tactics that come right in the nick-of-time for Halloween. Witchcraft indeed!

So now many of these TeaBaggers can sneak into office without anyone noticing. Nobody wants them in there, but no one going to stop ’em. Sharron Angle is ahead of Harry Reid in Nevada by two points now. Rand Paul’s ahead in Kentucky by 6.7. John Raese in West Virginia has a margin of 4.5. Ayotte on top in New Hampshire by 10. Ken Buck by 4.4. Joe Miller, small margin in Alaska. Mike Lee will win in Utah.

As long as people are entertained and shocked by the antics of Christine O’Donnell, all bodes well for these opportunistic conservatives. When Rand Paul says we should terminate Social Security, no one will give it much thought, as they attempt to exorcise the Delaware witch from their own hide. She can’t be purged! She’s with you as you robotically pull the Elephant lever in your local polling booth.

Anyway, people believe all that stuff. Everyone thinks the Chinese are taking over our country. I even suspect this conspiracy. I am you. My paranoia is yours. And if a Red Conspiracy is taking over our government, it only makes sense to be suspicious of Big Government. As crazy as it sounds, many people believe this nonsense.

The GOP game plan is quite simple. Pour dough on Christine, keep the people (mice) nice and happy, watch the Bill Maher telly clips over and over again, and divert attention away from the Real Crazies, like Rand Paul or Sharron Angle. This is working so far, and will probably continue to work until November 2nd. Christine will lose, but she’s the patsy, the (silent but loquacious) sacrificial lamb on an altar of GOP Pink Elephant Machinery, tilting the globe Right and Red. Huh? It’s witchcraft, not logical!

Christine O’Donnell’s newest ad-I Am You.