GOP Party Member Caught with His Pants Down

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Now all I know is what I read in the newspapers. Normally, I brag about reading all I know from the Internet, however, lately, I have been feeling robbed by only dealing with the online world. So, I ordered up a subscription of a NEWPAPER, how old school of me huh… So here it is, in the flesh: In a rare public appearance. The newspaper.

The front page of the New York Times today shows a picture of Democrat Hillary Clinton receiving a pair of boxing gloves from the union folks. I guess, to ready her for any future democrat debates. While the Republicans take another sucker punch, here is the headline: Cross-dressing state lawmaker

Rep. Richard Curtis will be resigning today! There is a story that will be breaking about his Halloween romp with a 26-year-old man he picked up in a sex boutique.

Seems Rep representative Curtis picked the wrong day to dress up in drag. Two days short of Halloween in which he would have gone unnoticed OR could have had a natural alibi. The GOP is going from stunned to numb.

This just on the heels of the Democrat debacle. Two nights ago. Democrats were thinking they might have shot themselves in the foot with a there most recent debate. You know, where they all ganged up on Hillary Clinton and made the democrats debate look more like it an episode of survivor. Who will be voted off the campaign trail? Polls are mixed as to weather democrats did a good job at throwing one of there own under the campaign bus or throwing out all social graces and eventually slamming the door in there own faces. If the democrats keep going the way are they might get the reputation as the party that eats there own, but does not swallow, just spits them out. On the other hand, the republicans may not be able to say the same.

Thanks to the republicans, democrats are breathing a sigh of relief today as the newest REPUBLICAN sex scandal unfolds. FILM at 11.

If being an independent were ever IN, now would be the time. As a matter of fact, I have a plan. I have not given you folks a plan in a long time. And as I always say with my plan, here is my disclaimer: you can take my plan or leave it. I will not be held accountable. If you have any problem with my plan, please call your local or state representative and complain to them UNLESS you live in WA State.

Okay, here it is. Let’s not focus on the main candidates, the headliners, let’s go to the back of the pack on each side. For the (R) pick Ron Paul and for the (D) pick Dennis Kucinich, let’s get them to run independent. I don’t know about you folks, but if I were a candidate in this 2008 race, I would run … the other way. So what better than independent. This way if you want to say something radical … you can.

Like say, being abducted by a UFO … Oh, note to the debate folks, I would rather be the candidate that was caught on a spaceship than to be the candidate caught in a hotel room in my birthday suit! Well, in there wife’s b-day suit. Anyway, at one point I thought that the way a politician runs the office they hold was the important thing. Not the way they run their PERSONAL lives. I personally don’t care if you get tickled with feather or the whole chicken as long as you can run the country. It is time to stop majoring in miners… focus on the issues, don’t make issues.

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Will Roberts
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