Everyone Except Mitt Romney Knows the Jeep Ads in Ohio Are Blatant Lies!

The Chrysler Jeep ads running in Ohio are the height of how ridiculously fallacious Mitt Romney’s desperate, last minute campaign is willing to stoop to. Lies after lies after lies! Mitt’s nose grows quite a bit longer than Pinocchio’s lengthy nose. Chrysler is creating more jobs in Ohio, not exporting jobs to China. After Mitt was called to the carpet for the lies in the Jeep television ad (which is running unimpeded in Toledo), instead of pulling the pack of malarkey, the Romney bunch developed a similar radio ad, which says 15,000 more jobs will be shipped to China.

jeep ad

Do not be fooled, Ohioans! And don’t vote for him either! I love the image of the old clunker Chrysler getting crushed in the TV ad, since it’s really Romney who wanted to toast Ford, GM, and Chrysler, since they were fledgling competitors in the global auto industry market, as of 2008. Now all three are back stronger than ever, thanks to the restructuring efforts of Barack Obama. Actually, it was Mitt’s father George (remember American Motors?) who began building Jeeps in China! How ironic is that!

Obama is winning in Ohio. Romney is in trouble. This might explain why he is so desperate as to lie about Jeeps’ plans (to move to China) about their healthy business. A new CBS/NYT/Quinnipiac poll for Ohio has Obama at 50%, Romney at 45%. If Romney loses Ohio, he loses the election. But the ruthless Bain Capitol entrepreneur hasn’t budged the numbers in Ohio at any time. So he jabs the Italians in the ad to boot, since Fiat partnered with Chrysler to help the company survive in 2008. This partnership was a wise move, and has created lots of jobs in Ohio and Michigan.

Okay, so it turns out the Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne is an Italian. I suspect Romney’s implicit jab at Italians (as if they usurped an American company) surely angered Marchionne, who has released detailed press statements refuting Romney’s sleazy ads, reenforcing just the opposite, Jeep is getting stronger in Ohio. Jeep is up 185 % this year, and plans on selling 800,000 Jeeps by 2014. Yet Romney doesn’t pull the completely false TV ad; on the contrary, he runs another equally false radio ad. Do we want a man with such a low ethical threshold running our country?

I don’t think so! Romney looked dumb yesterday passing can goods and bottle water (to a car) for relief to Sandy’s millions of victims. Mitt refused to answer the question of whether he wants to kill FEMA, as he has said he would in a recent press release. I mean, organizers of the Sandy Hurricane relief have expressly said, they don’t want can goods. Mitt is not really following the orders of the organizers of relief. I suspect this is on purpose, since many of them are probably FEMA people (but not Brownie, I might add). Competent people!

(Inserting a sidebar on the craziness of Romney campaign poll watchers in Wisconsin). I heard about this atrocity last night when watching The Ed Show. Voters in Wisconsin, don’t pay any attention to these poll watchers stalking and intimidating anxious voters, waiting in lines in that state. They’ve been trained to say felons don’t have the right to vote in Wisconsin. This is a lie! A very foul lie! They are calling themselves Concerned Citizens to disguise who they really are, bully henchman trying to suppress the vote and fix the election for the Reds.

A recent law school graduate, Kristina Sesek is the culprit behind this partisan and deceptive training. This is a terrible black mark on this young lady’s reputation; I wonder who put her up to it? We’re on to you, though, Kristina Sesek! You should be ashamed of yourself, lying about the voting laws in Wisconsin, and creating a pack of bullies preying on the fears of those who suspect disenfranchisement from our democracy. I hope you get disbarred! We already know Mitt will be tarred and feathered and run out of town (D.C.) for lying! The same will happen to you, Kristina!

Source: The Moderate Voice