Angel Moms Rejected By Democratic Leadership

The mainstream news media, which essentially is the right arm of the Democratic Party, barely reported an incident at Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s office last week. A group of Angel Moms visited Capitol Hill last Tuesday demanding Democrats support President Trump’s request for funding the border wall along the southern border.

The group sat outside Schumer’s office for hours. They insisted he meet with them.

Angel Moms Stories

The group had heartbreaking stories including Mary Ann Mendoza, the mother of Brandon Mendoza, a police officer from Mesa. Brandon Mendoza was killed by an illegal alien with a criminal record back in 2014. Mary Ann Mendoza was one of the leaders of the group.

Mendoza said, “We are here because as mothers we protect our families and we know what needs to be done to protect our family, and our children and our loved ones,” She continued, “The politicians who are here in DC are not doing the job and so it’s time that we the people speak up, stand up and visit the people who are not doing our bidding and get the wall done.”

She noted that the ranks of the Angels Moms sadly continues to grow, citing the recent deaths of California police officer Ronil Singh and 22-year-old Tennessee native Pierce Cochran. Cochran, like Brandon Mendoza, was killed in a head-on car crash with an illegal immigrant driving recklessly.

angel moms on fox.

There was also Sabine Durden. She is a naturalized citizen from Germany, whose 30-year-old son Dominic was killed by an illegal immigrant in southern California in 2012. The stories flowed out to reporters covering the event, but hardly a mention of it on media such as CNN and MSNBC.

Dominic was a Riverside County sheriff’s dispatcher on his way to work when Juan Zacarias Tzun made a left turn in front of him. Dominic collided with the car and was thrown from his motorcycle, dying on the spot. Tzun did not have a drivers license and had two convictions for driving under the influence.

Pelosi Refuses Meeting

The women also went to Nancy Pelosi’s office, but she refused to meet with them. It appears the mindset of the Democratic leadership is to oppose anything Donald Trump is for, no matter what. A very dangerous and childish game that could have disastrous results for all Americans and their families.

Although Schumer and Pelosi didn’t have time for Angel Moms, they found time to go out in the cold to support government workers.

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