David Miliband Angers Russia With His Demands

Considering David Miliband is supposed to be a Foreign Secretary, he has obviously failed to do his homework on Russia, or believes he is sufficiently important and powerful enough to be arrogant.

Did he honestly think he could meet his Russian counterpart (Sergei Lavrov) and make demands without receiving the response he got?

Sergei Lavrov is well known for speaking his mind and has zero tolerance for foreign politicians who think they can dictate terms to Russia. Maybe Miliband should have asked for feedback from George Bush or Condoleezza Rice (among others)?

Since 2006, when Alexander Litvinenko died after drinking tea laced with radioactive polonium in a London hotel, the British have been demanding the extradition of Andrei Lugovoi, allegedly the “prime suspect” in the murder.

Russia has refused the extradition request, but has offered to try the case on Russian soil. Miliband rejected this offer, just as Britain has refused to extradite Russian citizens living in Britain (for crimes committed in Russia).

David Miliband visit to Russia
Results of David Miliband’s visit to Russia

In the last few years Britain has become a safe haven for many Russian citizens escaping possible trials in their homeland, the most famous of these is Boris Berezovsky.

Mr. Lavrov correctly pointed out that the more “friendly” approaches made by Britain and the US of late, were designed to soften Russia’s opinion on Iran, but reminded Miliband that the UN could not do more than they are at the moment (against Iran) without Russia agreeing. Miliband’s tactics are hardly going to help improve that situation.

Russia are not fools, they see how the “Elite” are taking control of the United States and Europe, and the interest they have shown in old Soviet States (even in Russia).

Many of the demonstrations that take place in Russia are financed by Western organizations (and governments), designed to create a change of regime in Russia. These are not to encourage democracy or freedom in Russia, but to spread unrest in a country that does not want to become another victim of the Elite.

As if to confirm this point, Miliband made sure that he publicly met with anti-Kremlin opposition figures and other officials who he feels have no ties with Vladimir Putin (the present Prime Minister and former President of Russia).

Mikhail Gorbachev, the last Soviet leader, has been critical of the Kremlin’s “managed democracy” and sees a resemblance between the current political party and the old communist party.

It is true that the country is experiencing more political control than in previous years, but how does that differ to the control we have seen applied by George Bush, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and even Barack Obama? At least in Russia the people benefit from the changes taking place, unlike those in the West who are losing their homes, jobs and freedoms!

Whilst many in the West are unable to see what is happening, or who is behind the push for a New World Order, Russian leaders are in no doubt who pulls the strings in Britain or the US. Russia is not going to risk another “Revolution,” especially at the hands of the same people again, hence the clamp down on the oligarchs who have already taken so much money from the country, and now seek political power to take even more.

It may be too late for Britain, Europe or the US to escape the greedy claws of the Elite, but Russia will not be following that path. The sooner Miliband and his friends accept this, the better for all of us.