Congressional Candidate Apologizes for Foot in Mouth Gaffe

On Friday, January 4, 2008, Morris Guller, candidate for Congress ’08, was a guest on the John Wallace Show on web radio.

The radio show continued recording for approximately ten minutes following the close of the show and those ten minutes were also broadcast along with the original show.

Guller says “During the course of the show I discussed our Congresswoman, Kirsten Gillibrand, differences we have on issues and mistakes I feel she has made during her first year in office. It was, I think, an intellectual exchange of ideas and thoughts about our current Representative.

After the show (which ran for one hour), John Wallace and I spoke about how the show went and some of the topics we covered during the show. In a more relaxed setting, it appears, I referred to Congresswoman Gillibrand as an air head. Our complete conversation (the show and the after show) are on the net so there is no reason for me to deny my statement.

I would, however, like to clarify, that my complete statement (which is available on the net) was:

“If you didn’t know that she graduated from law school near the top of her class you might think she’s an air head”

I would like to offer my apology to Congresswoman Gillibrand for the remark and I sincerely hope she will accept it (my apology).”

The moral of the story is: always check that microphones are off before placing foot in mouth and always check recordings before making them live.

Morris Guller for Congress ’08

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Lexington, New York

It is good to see the Congressman has the courage to apologize and not to obfuscate.

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