Cheney Warns Obama ‘Don’t Close Gitmo’

In an article published in today’s edition of the New York Times, former Vice President Dick Cheney (“weapons of mass destruction” fame in case you had forgotten) did an interview with Michael Falcone of the New York Times.

In the interview, given two weeks after leaving office (none too soon according to the majority of Americans) he predicted a “high probability” of a nuclear or biological attack during Mr. Obama’s term of office if he doesn’t “stay the course” as set in the Bush Administration. He particularly mentioned Mr. Obama’s stated intentions to close Gitmo, and also to ban coercive interrogation methods in the future with respect to detainees. [ New York Times ]

He also made mention of his support for the Patriot Act, and how it helped keep this nation safe for seven years after 9/11 (which almost immediately we veered off course and lost focus from the original mission – information that was of course left unsaid).

Mr. Cheney’s warning, in light of his propensity for truth telling with respect to a great deal of the missteps in this past administration, sounds like a continuation of the terrorism tactics used on the American people post-9/11 in order to push through some of those egregious civil rights violations against the citizeny, or perhaps even a veiled threat since Mr. Cheney’s stock in Halliburton continues to rise as long as this war continues.

Perhaps Mr. Obama should keep Gitmo open. After Iraq, the September campaign election loan repayment “bailout” bill, and now this contemplated additional 900 billion spending package which is now on the table, in addition to he and Mr. Bush for the Iraq disaster and Patriot Act, there are approximately 535, give or take a few, additional detainees that need to be coercively interrogated out at Gitmo.

Betsy Ross
Betsy Ross is a writer and student of history who is fascinated by politics and the weakness of politicians.