Bipartisanship Should Never Put Our Nation At Risk!

Conspiracies or what have you aside, this world needs a place like the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center. We are in a war with inhuman terrorists and we need a place where they can be kept away from harming others. Further, standing by it shows the strength of our nation which we need to present at all times in order to continue to be a powerful part of this War Against Terror.

Closing it and moving the prisoners around is an incredible show of weakness and indecisiveness. Further, many studies have shown that the treatment of the prisoners were and are very well treated; especially when compared to other soldiers.

I am proud to say a majority of Republicans are standing by this prison as the needed factor of this war. We created it, we placed it into motion and therefore we need to keep it in process. However, recently Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina has shown that he is not of this (pun intended) gang. In exchange for “support” of the Bay’s closing, Graham wants the administration to prosecute terrorists who were involved in the 9-11 attacks in military tribunals.

However, it is obvious that military tribunals are going to happen without Graham’s or any other Republican’s approval. Legislators from all over are realizing that the public wants the heads of these horrible criminals on a military tribunal platter. Already, the trials have been withheld from occurring in New York, the largest location of the attack. Military tribunals are the only next option. Further, a majority of the terrorists are attacking members of the military. Shouldn’t the resulting trial be a military tribunal?

Aside from any of this, bipartisanship is needed, but not at the risk of the nation. Closing this prison is a big mistake that neither the administration nor the country will never be able to erase. How can we say to our attackers you will be imprisoned when they soon find themselves being sent all over the world on our dime instead in one detainee area? What strength does this show? Attack us and we will detain you then move you around per our President’s liking? We can never be taken seriously if we continue to backtrack on our decisions.

Graham’s decision involves legislation pending which discusses avenues on handling detainees as well as the 9-11 attackers such as delaying the reading of Miranda Rights. The realization that we are giving these people rights from a nation they see as disposable is laughable. Further, postponing the reading really does nothing considering the fact that most of the captured don’t really speak. Either way, why are we reading these rights to any terrorist? A majority of these people are not Americans, some are not even FOUND in America; What rights do these people have? Why are we reading rights to people who don’t believe in the rights of others to be different than them and are heartless mass murderers?

These are far from candidates that deserve neither rights nor such focus as to close their prison and place them in another location. We have bigger fish to fry when it comes to legislation. The Bay and military tribunals; issue done, on to the next problem. Nothing should be done by our legislators to risk our nation.