Bill Clinton Blasts the Republicans and Supports Improvements of Obama!

Bill Clinton explained exactly what Barack Obama has accomplished in his first four years, as well as explaining the flaws in what the Romney/Ryan ticket wants to do. Bill’s speech was very detailed and laid out the history of the past four years in such a way, that you could understand clearly how far we’ve come out of the devastation the Republicans left us with in 2008. Our nation nearly collapsed! (Watch Bush’s speech late in 2008 where he admits as much).

I recommend you print out Clinton’s speech, read it several times over, and run the video tape by a number of times, until you can grasp all the important issues Bill addresses so eloquently and persuasively. You know the score: the middle class, the deficit, foreign policy, health care, Medicare, Medicaid, education, and the overall contrasting philosophy of the Democrats versus the Republicans (who look even more intolerant than the Republicans I remember from my youth.)

bill clinton

While he covered many of what the Republicans consider to be the Achilles Heels of the Dems, the basic theme that Bill Clinton trumpeted is ‘we are in it together.’ Alright, so I had to rewind the tape and watch Bill do it again. There’s Fleetwood Mac’s Don’t Stop blasting the DMC hall! Gosh, is it 1992 again. His first point is perhaps his best. Obama had to stop the economy from sinking into the next Great Depression. We forget just how bad it was in 2008. We almost slipped off the map.

At that time, I spent a good amount of time studying The Great Depression of the 1930s. Compare Herbert Hoover to George Bush and see what you come up with. It’s scary what you come up with. Deregulation of Wall Street and low taxes for the wealthy few. The stock market crash of 1929 is eerily similar to the real estate crash of 2008, which was much of the destructive driving force behind the financial crisis (which redoubled just before Barack was nominated).

‘Constructive Cooperation’ was a good point made by Clinton, when defending Obama’s record. One example of this, is Obama appointing Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, when she was his main competitor. Then Bill goes on to explain what the Republicans will do (if they can get back in power). Cut taxes for the rich, deregulate Wall Street, and to increase the military budget again (which is contrary to balancing the budget). Guess what will happen? Right back into spiraling recession.

Clinton’s testimony is convincing! Obama inherited a much weaker economy than he did. It couldn’t be turned around as quickly (compared to 1992-1996). Bill goes through this piece by piece. Obama saved the auto industry in Detroit. This alone should get him re-elected. GM is number one again! But go through this: 4.5 private sector jobs, 500,000 manufacturing jobs created, new student loan policies (educational reform is the key to recharging the economy), and, of course, ObamaCare.

The insurance companies are required to pay out 80% to 85% of your premiums back to you for actual payout benefits. This had to be done, because the insurance companies would deny you your rightful benefits, if they weren’t forced to do so. It’s that simple! They want to pocket the profits for the simple reason of greed. They don’t care about your health. Romney wants to give the money back to the corrupt health insurance companies. Medicare and Medicaid will go under! If that’s what you want, then vote for Romney and stick it to yourself! Good job, Bill!

Source: Bill Clinton’s speech to the Democratic National Convention (Prepared remarks) – The Washington Post