BAYH-OBAMA ! – It just makes common cents!

With the release this week of the decided Veepee, I thought I would throw in my two cents about the possible choice for the office of the next in command.

Remember back in World War II, well most of you don’t. But back then they had a slogan for the war and it was “Buy War Bonds” It was a way for Americans to help support the country during its time of need.

Well it’s conceivably possible that this slogan may come in to play again here in 2008, only it will sound like this: BAYH-OBAMA! – It just makes common cents! Okay, I added that last part. But these last few days Senator Evan Bayh has been seen hanging close to the heels of Mr. Obama. Maybe just to show his support or maybe to make sure the red carpet does not have ripples in it.

Now, the last thing I want to do is be labeled as a gossip columnist. However, I don’t think it is possible, mainly on the fact that Gossip is what I consider to be Katty banter, you know trash talking, no merit, no real sources and what I do is more like Horse sense, based on common sense and truth.

Anyhow, these two have been seen in and around town. Normally a candidate will blow in with the wind and then whisk out even quicker. Politicians truly define the term “One night stand.” Seems as though Obama decided to stick around Hoosier town just a little longer, and some think this is related to Mr. Bayh and the courting of the VeeeP!

This VeeeP prospect deserves a real hard look at. From the first glance on the newswire Mr. Bayh looks like John Edwards. But since the discovery of Mr. Edwards Alien baby, he might just be watching from the sidelines.

Mr. Bayh has some of the qualities that Obama needs to strengthen his case to the American voters; sound fiscal management, economic growth understanding, a good track record and most important a state that has been Republic for most of its life, Indiana, with the exception of the LBJ landslide of 1964.

Of course with all this bad weather, our country Democrats might just be able to loosen some ground below and create another earth moving landslide with this ticket. Plus when McCain turns Mitt Romney lose on the country, Obama will need to balance out his ticket with a good old << Strike that >> a fresh new face to balance out Mitt Romney’s good looks and financial background. Below is what I found on the Indiana website about Mr. Bayh.

“The top priorities of his administration were sound fiscal management, economic growth, and improving education. He favored investment and innovation in education, and state funding for education increased every year of his term. During his two terms, he added 350,000 jobs to the Indiana economy, oversaw the largest tax cut in state history ($1.6 billion over six years) and amassed the largest surplus in state history as well ($1.6 billion).”

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Will Roberts
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