Windshield Replacement Claims Reform Bill Gets Florida Senate Approval

The Florida Senate Committee cleared a proposed amendment to let insurers inspect broken windshields before replacement or repair. The bill was introduced in the senate by Sen. Dorothy Hukill, The Sun Sentinel reveals.

This claims reform bill was brought in to address the dramatic surge rise in the number of suits filed against insurers by windshield repair firms working under “assignment of benefits” affidavits. According to a Senate analysis, the total number of such lawsuits increased to 19,695 (2016) from 397 (2006).

The proposed amendment clearly states – “A policy under this section may require an inspection of the damaged windshield of a covered motor vehicle before the windshield repair or replacement is authorized by the insurer.”

Since 1979, Florida’s law authorities have made it easy for customers to get windshield replacement with comprehensive coverage from auto insurers at no cost. The new house bill was approved with two changes.

Sen. Greg Steube added an amendment requiring inspection to be done by a licensed adjuster (an employee of car owner’s insurer) within 24 hours after claim notification, provided the inspection doesn’t delay the replacement or repair “to the detriment of the insured.”

Sen. Rob Bradley added language to enable car owners to get a windshield replacement redone without having to worry about inspection from the insurer if the windshield damage affects the safety of the car or could lead to violation of state law.

While there are no clear rules on damaged windshields in Florida, cracks and chips in the windshield may lead to a fine. That’s why it makes sense for car owners to be acquainted with ways to protect their windshields from damage.

Experts at believe it is important to take care of car windshields to ensure safety when driving and to avoid penalties.

a damaged windshield.

Here are five easy ways to protect windshield integrity.

  1. Avoid Parking in Direct Sunlight – Variations in temperature may cause the glass to expand and contract leading to chips and cracks on the windshield. That’s why it is important to avoid parking the car in direct sunlight.
  2. Steer Clear of Ammonia-Based Cleaners – Ammonia-based car cleaners damage the tint in windshields, which avoid blinding glare when driving. Instead, use alcohol-based car cleaners.
  3. Do Not Slam Car Doors – Every time you slam the car door slam on entry or exit, windshield seals can be impacted. In addition, scratches or chips on the windshield can spread when car doors slam.
  4. Know When to Replace the Windshield – Some people ignore cracks and chips in the windshield. This may prove to be a costly mistake increasing the chance of windshield damage beyond repair. Auto-glass repair experts can repair minor windshield cracks and chips.
  5. Clean Wipers – Most drivers avoid cleaning their wipers. Not cleaning wipers may leave abrasive debris on them that eventually damage the windshield. Cleaning wipers can help avoid such damage.

These small steps will help ensure a windshield is protected for a long time.

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