What Chicago Neighborhood is Right for Building your Dream Home

Chicago is a thriving metropolitan area with lots of up-and-coming neighborhoods that are perfect for building new homes. When you have the money, building a house to your specifications makes more sense than trying to find an existing one that meets your standards. Choosing a Chicago neighborhood in which to build may seem overwhelming, so check out a few of the top spots before deciding.


The Edgewater neighborhood is like a small town within a big city. It’s walkable, diverse, and has lots of great local shops, restaurants, and bars that you can visit. The crime rate is far lower than Chicago’s as a whole, and the median household income is relatively modest for a big city (think closer to $50k than $100k.) As for schools, Edgewater has Hayt Elementary School, which has good ratings If you want to build in Edgewater, check the Home Builders Association of Greater Chicago to find reputable contractors.


With its five Metra stops and outstanding public schools, Beverly is a popular neighborhood for families. Houses here are big, but compared with the rest of Chicago they’re quite affordable. If you’re looking to build a four- or five-bedroom home to accommodate a large family, do it here. Beverly lacks some of the new hip local eateries and bars, but it still has plenty of restaurants and strip malls to keep you occupied. Beverly, like the other neighborhoods on this list, has a cost of living slightly higher than Chicago’s and the national average.

Lincoln Square

People often think of Lincoln Square as a neighborhood filled with bars, but that’s only part of the picture. It has an extremely low crime rate, four L stops, and some lovely tree-lined streets where you can just picture building your dream home. However, this is a spot for at least a three-bedroom, two-bath home; smaller homes don’t really exist in this neighborhood anymore. Mixed within the old homes is newer constructions, so your new building won’t look out of place. By the way, the school district there is aces.

Logan Square

Logan Square has become one of the new cool neighborhoods in Chicago. What once used to be filled with empty spaces is now crawling with local restaurants, bars, and shops. Homes are getting snapped up quickly in this neighborhood, so act fast if you want to build. This is the perfect neighborhood if you want an eclectic house with some quirky personalization, like a metal spiral staircase or a wrought iron gate made by a local metalworks company. The neighborhood is quite diverse; the only drawback is the less than stellar school system. Folks with kids already in college won’t see this as a problem, though.

Chicago has many great neighborhoods; these four stand out for having new businesses, walkability, easy access to public transportation, and more. Building in a rising neighborhood ensures that your property value will only go up as the neighborhood becomes more popular. Enjoy crafting that dream home!

Melissa Thompson
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