Wardrobe With Devil Face Triggers Exorcism in Antique Shop

A wardrobe featuring the face of the Devil underwent an exorcism performed by a team of psychics.

The wardrobe, which was brought into the Olden Ewe antique shop in Paignton, had quirks that were too evil to bear, according to the owners. But it was not just the shop’s employees who believed that the wardrobe had an ugly side.

Emily, the shop’s resident ghost, was described as restless after the wardrobe was brought in.

Shortly after shopkeeper Linda Bell purchased this piece of furniture, she began to notice that strange things were happening in her shop. On Tuesday morning, she woke to find that the Olden Ewe was trashed by an unknown perpetrator.

The mirrors in the shop were broken and string was wound over objects and furniture.

Emily is thought to have attempted to destroy the shop in retaliation for the demonic wardrobe.

Bell did not know what to think about the incident. Worried, she phoned an online psychic who had previously visited the store. The medium had discovered that there was paranormal activity in the shop a year earlier.

To aid Bell, three mediums arrived at the shop to solve the strange mystery. But only one medium stayed to perform the investigation. The other two were too afraid to continue after the lights began to flick on and off and plates smashed against walls.

The remaining medium informed Bell that her shop had a resident spirit. But the medium did not believe that the spirit arrived with the wardrobe. On the contrary, the wardrobe had upset the resident ghost and caused the ghost to retaliate.

Bell promptly sent the cupboard on to a museum in an attempt to pacify Emily, Olden Ewe’s ghost. This was not a problem as people who visited the shop noticed that the shop’s temperature dipped near the wardrobe. Other visitors sensed the presence of a spirit. The door also opened or unlocked itself.

For the most part, the shop is now quiet. However, Bell may have to run all of her future furniture buying past Emily, the shop’s purveyor of taste and haunted antiques.

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