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A few days ago, I was talking to Bobbi Eddy, at “Not Too Shabby,” her store near the corner of Riley and Sutter Street, in the Historic District.

She had just set up her Valentines displays. Beautiful, inexpensive gifts that anyone can give the love of their life, and not break the bank.

I was wondering aloud, why would anyone bypass these amazing unique and beautiful cards and gifts, when they are the same price or less than the bland, duplicated cards that you could be in danger of receiving two of.

The reason must be that not enough people know these little treasures exist! Hence my little story. I will be down there tomorrow – so as not to leave it until the last moment, as I usually do.

I asked Bobbi about the treasures she has on display.

Shannon Martin Cards: Just put out the Shannon Martin Valentine cards which feature those great nostalgic pictures and the funny captions that make you smile.

Hearts: I still have three chalkboard hearts – perfect for a quick message board.

Glitter Boards: I have a great supply of the latest and greatest vintage glitter boards featuring wonderful valentine images. As my part to help the bailout, these are 15% to 20% off.

glitter board

Banners: I have paper, wood & glitter, and fabric LOVE banners, also hanging hearts in pink or red.

vintage jewelry

Jewelry: I have put out all of the vintage jewelry and marked it down 30% off marked prices. The newer jewelry is also on sale 20% off the marked prices. The selection is limited so if you see something you like in the pictures, please contact me soon.

Chocolate: I have some wonderful milk chocolate or toffee bars wrapped with a valentine glitter board. They make a great valentine for your special friend or a treat for yourself.

Wings: I have one set of hand carved wings that are so beautiful. They measure just over 12×6 and would look great resting on a table or hanging on a wall.


Additionally, most of your supplies are included in the class (including your suitcase) so all you need to do is sign-up. The class runs from 10:30-4:30, and class size is limited to 5 so please let Bobbi know soon if you are interested.

Bobbi has changed her hours to 11:00-6:00, staying open later in the evening so you can stop by on your way home.

Not Too Shabby

On Riley, near Sutter Street

Folsom Historic District

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