US Reclaims September 11th as National Day of Service and Remembrance

U.S. Secretary of States Hillary Rodham Clinton today said the United States is reclaiming September 11 as a Nationa Day of Service and Remembrance.

At the 10th Anniversary 9/11 Memorial for Cantor Fitzgerald, Ms. Clinton said there were many wonderful, brave, extraordinary stories that all learned about in the days and weeks and months following 9/11.

“But the story of Cantor Fitzgerald stands out. I was just reminded of finding the number for a cell phone in those hours after the attack to just try to reach out to let Howard and all of you know that whatever lay ahead, you would not be alone.” -Ms. Clinton

She highlighted that without the advocacy of Cantor Fitzgerald and without the example of Cantor Fitzgerald, United States of America would have a very different feeling about the last 10 years.

“It wasn’t only that within 47 hours you were back to conducting business, though it was anything but business as usual. It wasn’t only that you rebuilt, you rehired, you refused to be intimidated out of New York.” -Ms. Clinton

Ms. Clinton stressed that the stories that came out of 9/11 continue to be told, but the story of Cantor Fitzgerald, the story of Howard’s extraordinary decision about the commitment that he made to the families – resonates far beyond the Cantor Fitzgerald family.

“A lot of people may never have even come to New York, they may not even understand what you do, but they know that you created something very special out of death and destruction.” -Ms. Clinton

She emphasized that September 11th is a touchstone of American human capacity for good, and as representatives of the core of what makes Americans who they are.

“Rebirth and renewal, those are part of the American story, and we will tell that story for generations in this city and far beyond.” -Ms. Clinton

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