US Launches Global Counterterrorism Forum

The United States of America today launched the “Global Counterterrorism Forum.”

The U.S. Senior State Department Official today stressed that the Administration came into office with a strong sense that the United States is doing very well on critical parts of the counterterrorism mission. However, the U.S. Senior official pointed out that they had a lot of work to do to go at it in a more long-term strategic frame.

“And the two key elements of that are we needed states that are more capable of dealing with the threats within their borders and within their regions, and we also needed to make a better – to do a better job of diminishing the number of recruits, and really undermining the ideology that is driving the terrorism we see today.” -U.S. Senior State Department Official

The U.S. Senior State Department Official stressed that the Global Counterterrorism Forum is meant to create something that doesn’t exist on the international landscape.

“It’s supposed to create a venue where partners can come together and identify urgent needs in counterterrorism around the world, devise solutions – and we can talk about the role of experts in this in a bit, because they’re really at the heart of this – and mobilize the resources to implement those solutions.” -U.S. Senior State Department Official

The U.S. Senior State Department Official cited that the forum is meant to really move past some of the debates that have paralyzed, specifically the endless debate over who is a terrorist.

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