Trump’s Border Wall Moving Forward As House Approves $1.6B Spending Bill

Trump’s Wall Moving Forward With Backing From GOP

President Donald Trump’s plan to build a wall along the US-Mexico border is moving forward after all as a majority of lawmakers in the the House of Representatives approved the 1.6 billion dollar spending bill for the project.

The proposed budget garnered an approval vote of 235 and 192 in opposition.

The money was part of a massive 658 billion dollar defense spending bill. However, the bill needs to be passed by the Senate before it can be signed into law by the US President. Many say the Democrats are ready to counter it.

The border wall was part of a prominent campaign promise from President Donald Trump. The new president believes the wall is crucial to curb illegal immigration and to halt smuggling of drugs into United States.

Strong Supporters of the Spending Bill

Trump’s House GOP allies expressed strong support for the spending bill. They are ready to fund the border wall.

The president has promised this funding, the American people want this funding, and today the House is making good on that promise,” said Rep. Steven Palazzo, R-Miss.

The Trump administration believes that it will boost border security and immigration control.

Tom Homan, the Acting Director of the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said, “We need the border wall. The border wall is one more tool in the toolbox that might prevent some of the things from happening.”

Homan added, “That is why what President Trump is asking us to do, that is why what he’s proposing for border security makes sense for the law enforcement community. We need this help.”

In Opposition

President Trump’s rally for the building of wall along US-Mexico border and its recent approval for the spending bill were met with opposition by some lawmakers, especially Democrats.

Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez said in a statement that Trump’s border wall is a massive waste of taxpayer money that will not make the US safer.

Perez said, “Like many of the president’s policies, this initiative is rooted in nothing more than prejudice and fear mongering.”

Matthew Dennis, a spokesman for Democrats on the Appropriations Committee, also aired his comments about the spending bill for the wall.

Dennis said, “Democrats will again draw a hard line against wasting taxpayer money to fulfill the president’s campaign applause line. The purpose of the Homeland Security bill is to make communities more safe and secure, and this pointless wall does nothing to accomplish that.”

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