‘Toys for Tots’ Delivers 3,000 Toys to 1,500 Children

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton today announced that Toys for Tots with the support of the Marine Corps will delivernearly 3,000 toys to deliver to 1,500 children.

In her remarks at the Annual Toys for Tots Ceremonial, Ms. Clinton said the joint effort between the State Department and the Marine Corps is a shining example of U.S. special relationship with the Marines.

“The Marines help protect our embassy staff in more than 133 countries, and as I travel around the world, I am always privileged to thank the Marines who are there doing the work that we need them to do.” -Ms. Clinton

She also highlighted the work of the Diplomatic Security’s uniformed protective officers. She said they have coordinated and organized the massive operation.

“Now, Toys for Tots took shape the way many great philanthropic organizations do with one small act of kindness that then multiplied and amplified itself over the years. During the holidays in 1947, Colonel Hendricks, at the urging of his wife, went out looking for a charity so he could give his wife’s homemade doll to a needy child.” -Ms. Clinton

She cited that Colonel Hendricks soon realized that an organization like that didn’t exist, so he started Toys for Tots with the support of the Marine Corps, and it soon caught on and expanded nationwide.

She reported that over the last years, Toys for Tots has given more than 400 million toys to nearly 200 million needy children.

“I think that is such a great tribute to the inspiration that one man and his wife provided for so many to follow.” -Ms. Clinton

She stressed that the State Department is proud to be part of this rich tradition. She said it’s a testament to the generosity of American employees that they are on track to donate the most of any agency for the 11th straight year.

“Our work may take us to over 180 countries around the world, but for many of us the D.C. region is either the permanent home or the home you return to. It’s where kids of employees go to school, where husbands, wives, parents, siblings work. And helping people out is really part of our DNA, whether they live in Angola or Anacostia, because a child’s joy is universal.” -Ms. Clinton

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