Toddler Found Dead in Alpine, California

Toddler Found Dead By Mother

Alpine, CA – February 5th was the first day for the trial of an Alpine toddler that was killed in December 2016. Leah Brown-Meza did not get a chance to see the world as she died in late 2016 due to injuries. The toddler found dead in Alpine, California was in the family’s motorhome. She was found by her mother, Lillie Brown around 11:30 am.

According to the San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office, the child had suffered severe brain bleeding, a broken arm, and a burn on her foot just days before her death.

The Suspect

According to the suspect’s story, Wiliey Foster, the boyfriend of the child’s mother, Lillie Brown, put Leah Brown-Meza to bed in the motorhome, then returned to the main house to play video games, where his own children were sleeping. Lillie Brown returned home that night and went straight to bed without checking on her daughter. When Brown awoke the next morning, she went in to check on Leah. As she removed the blankets, she noticed the body was blue and cold. After some discussion, the couple called 911 to report the death.

The defendant, Wiliey Foster, is claiming that he and his girlfriend argued over whether or not they should call 911. He is also claiming that Lillie did not want to take her daughter to the hospital after she suffered injuries because she was afraid of losing child custody of her daughter.

Mother’s Drug Problem

The defense went on to state that Lillie Brown was a addicted to drugs and would often be too intoxicated to care for her daughter. Ronis, Foster’s defense attorney, said “She would basically impose upon Mr. Foster the care of that child because she was too neglectful or too lazy or under the influence of drugs or something else.”

As the trial went on, the defense argued that Leah’s injuries were inflicted over a four day period.

Foster is currently facing charges of “murder and assault on a child with force likely to produce great bodily harm or death.”


As the trial continued, prosecutors fought back stating that they found Foster’s clothes on them with blood stains. The blood stains matched Leah’s blood. In addition, the prosecution is claiming that when Foster was informed that his clothes would need to be processed, he became visibly upset.

Viejas Tribe Members

Lillie Brown is a member of the Viejas tribe. She was charged with three counts of willful cruelty with great bodily injury and/or death. The child’s father is a member of the Jamul Indian Village. He shared joint custody with Brown. He was not charged with anything in this case.

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