US Committed Toward Positive and Cooperative Relations with China

Stable China-U.S Relationship More Important Than Ever

With competing interests and differences between the United States of America and China, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made it clear that the US government is committed to working toward a positive, cooperative, comprehensive relationship with China.

In her remarks in San Francisco, Secretary Clinton highlighted that US and China are meeting halfway to amend differences. The US continues to speak against the treatment of the Dalai Lama and Tibet. In addition, the US continues to speak out in favor of providing defensive capability to Taiwan.

We continue to speak out on human rights inside China.” – Secretary Clinton

But in some areas also, both nations worked together on the side of sanctioning North Korea, sanctioning Iran, working to implement those sanctions and participating in the international effort against piracy.

Aside from that, the powerful nations also are partners in fostering clean energy and development work in Africa.

And most of all, both countries want to try to better find ways to help the people in those countries by working together.

The Importance of China to United States

Analysts say US relations to China are very important. When it comes to trade, China is the fourth-largest trade partner. Unknown to some, hundreds of thousands of American jobs are directly dependent to exports to China. If China and US have strained-relations, unemployment will worsen in the United States of America.

In addition, China is the most rapidly growing major economy in the world today. Thus, the US knows China’s economic importance.

China-U.S. trade and economic cooperation has accumulated huge and real benefits for the United States as well for China. And not only that, many American companies have invested over $62.2 billion in 58,000 projects in China that gained profits in China that amounted to nearly $8 billion in 2008 alone.

Since the onset of the financial crisis, China has supported the efforts of the American people to tackle the crisis. To survive the global crisis, many American manufacturing firms have found comfort in the Chinese market.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks about US-China relations.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks about US-China relations.
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