Sacramento County Fair 2009, Livestock Competitions

Last week, we had the opportunity to visit the Sacramento County Fair at Cal Expo. It was a great event, with many different sections.

Because Sally is a knitter and works with the “Wild Fibers” magazine, we went to see some of the fiber-related parts of the show.

The livestock sections of the show are a study in care for animals and also teamwork. Most of the shows would not be possible without teamwork and the young people caring for their animals and showing them obviously benefit from the training and help of others.

I Interviewed Rebecca and Andrew Palmer, a brother and sister, who each have their own goat and it was clear that both benefited from working with their goats and with others as part of a team.

In the Natural Colored Wool Show, the judge gave great support to the exhibitors, working as a team, even though they might be competing against each other. The lambs in the Spring Ewe Class were beatiful. The competition in the video below includes a rare breed, a California Red, a Wensleydale-South Down cross and a Fen Sheep. We had a great commentary from one of the local 4H group leaders.

It was a great day at the Sacramento County Fair. We really enjoyed it and thank the organizers for putting on a great show.

Rebecca and Alena the Cashmere goat

Andrew and Joey the Cashmere goat

The Natural Colored Wool Show

Two Exhibitors

Fiber Competitions

Sacramento County Fair

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