Pete Allman Celebrates Birthday With Celebrities At Moon-shadows

Moon-shadows, Malibu has been the in spot for many a celebrity, tourist, and locals to enjoy dining on the ocean. It was one of Mel Gibson’s favorite places to relax and have a cocktail.

On Tuesday, August 30th, talk show host and film producer, Pete Allman will join fellow actors to celebrate his birthday and new residence in Malibu.

Originally from Las Vegas, Allman, who recently finished producing Vato’s Locos 2011, released in Wal-mart stores, has entered “Brando Unauthorized,” the story of Marlon Brando and his son Christian, into The Malibu International Film Festival.

pete allman picture 1

“Malibu and its surrounding areas is a place which allows me to create and keep my tranquil thoughts in balance. I enjoy the community and look forward to conducting some uplifting interviews for television here,” Mr. Allman said.

Joining in the birthday celebration are Shawn Perry co star of VIP Series with Pamela Anderson, Sy Richardson from Repo Man and most recent Larry Crowne with Tom Hanks, Phil Sky, April Sutton former co-host with Geraldo Rivera, Gabriel Tang from Vato’s Locos 2011 and Night Bird, Gloria Berlin, author of “In Search of Never-land,” song stylist, Carmelita Pittman and Jerry Pittman, recording artist, Savannah Ostler, Rock Riddle, among others. The party starts at 8pm.