Northwest Coast Exhibit

Hunt Wildman mask
Bookwus Mask: Wild Man of the Woods.

The Northwest Coast Exhibit contains Masks, Boxes, Carvings, Dolls and Paintings from the Native Peoples of the Northwest Coast of North America and Alaska.

Renowned for fine workmanship and distinctive design, the art from these tribes has long been prized by collectors. The exhibit includes both contemporary and historic pieces by well known artists.

Featuring the works of Steven Hunt (Kwagual). Mr. Hunt is from a family known for their fine work.

Bookwus is a shy non-human spirit who lives in an invisible house in the forest. He eats ghost food and tries to persuade humans to eat with him, so they will stay with him in the “unreal” world.

Bookwus is a significant supernatural character. He is associated with the spirits of people who have drowned and hover near him. He is linked with the underworld of the dead from which ghosts returned during the season of the winter dance. This mask has been “danced” several times by the artist (Steven Hunt).

The Northwest Coast Exhibit is available January 12 to March 1.

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