North Dakota Residents Gear Up for Spring Turkey Hunting Season!

For residents of North Dakota, spring turkey hunting season begins 30 minutes before sunrise this Saturday April 11 and ends at sunset on Sunday May 17.

The only turkey that can be hunted during this time is the bearded turkey. The shooting of any other variety of turkey during this time may lead to a fine or a suspension of your hunting license.

In order to hunt turkeys in North Dakota, you must first apply for a hunting license and a pick up a tag at either a local vendor, or on the North Dakota Fish and Game Department website. The requirements for obtaining a hunting license varies depending on age, state residency, and the location someone plans to hunt.

With spring turkey hunting season only lasting a month, to monitor the amount of turkeys that are killed, a tag is required for anyone who plans to join in the hunt over the next month.

A tag is need along with a hunting license to be able to hunt the turkeys legally, and is used as a way limit the amount of turkeys – or any “big game” animal, depending on the state – a person can hunt. This allows a state’s wildlife board to moderate the amount of game in the region, as over hunting can have a major impact on the ecosystem and region they inhabit.

The North Dakota Game and Fish department has made around 6,000 tags available, but has stated that there are still plenty remaining for prospective hunters to pick up before the season starts this Saturday.

You can vist the North Dakota Game and Fish website for more information.

Not that weather has an effect on true outdoorsmen Saturday is shaping up to have ideal weather conditions for the start of the spring turkey season.

With sunrise at 7:04 am and setting at 8:26 pm, hunters will have plenty of sun light to enjoy the start of the season, and with a high of 72 and cooling breeze blowing from the south at 10-15 mph, only the turkeys will be sweating come Saturday.

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