Mister President, 99% Polled Want You To Fire FAA Head Bobby Sturgell

By John J. Tormey III, Esq. Quiet Rockland

Failed FAA Acting Temporary Administrator Robert Allan (“Bobby”) Sturgell

Re: Virtually Ninety-Nine Percent (99%) Of Polled Americans, Want You To Fire

Dear Honorable President Bush:

As you are the leader of the free world, a veteran public servant and politician, and a Harvard MBA, I am certain that you know and are aware that the polls and the numbers do not lie.

As of this writing, virtually Ninety-Nine Percent (99%) of 700+ cyber-ballots through well-known trade website and aviation portal: http://www.planenews.com in response to the question of “FAA’s Sturgell: Yes Or No?,” have voted that “[Acting FAA Administrator Bobby] Sturgell deserves the door today.” Less than One Percent (1%) of those cyber-polled voted to keep Sturgell for a term as Administrator. This poll was run by a web-periodical whose coverage is often favorable to the aviation industry. Please see: http://planenews.com/modules.php?name=Surveys&op=results&pollID=47

In another and different poll run by a different entity, but arriving at strikingly-similar numerical results, such poll administered by well-known customer-based organization Business Travel Coalition: http://www.businesstravelcoalition.com

Ninety-Seven-and-One-Half Percent (97.5%) of 3,500 cyber-votes answered “Yes” to the question of “Do you think it is time for the top leadership of the FAA to resign?” http://btcweb.biz/faa_leadership_alert.html

Mr. President, you often and rightfully talk of speaking from the heart and of acting in a manner consistent with the will of the American people. I speak to you from my heart, and I assure you that the data is well-beyond clear and convincing. It is beyond any shadow of a doubt. The overwhelming majority of the American people aware of our FAA and aviation system are clamoring for, and demanding, the immediate ouster of failed FAA Administrator “Bobby” Sturgell.

The ultimate irony is that this same failed agency head, Bobby Sturgell, has recently misrepresented to the American public an airline-company safety compliance rate with Airworthiness Directives in the “neighbor[hood] of 98 to 99 percent” – virtually the same percentage of American citizens now in perpetual outcry for Sturgell’s early and compulsory retirement. We Americans need you to protect us, and fire Bobby Sturgell.

Since Bobby Sturgell joined the Federal Aviation Administration in 2003, Sturgell and the FAA have done nothing but perpetuate the FAA’s infamous Tombstone Mentality, conceal the truth, criminally threaten those aviation inspectors who speak the truth, abuse air traffic controllers, fail to regulate, clog the airspace with malfeasance, put all of our lives and health at risk, and harm the American people. Sturgell is personally responsible for these horrific failures.

While yes, “Bobby” Sturgell has announced to senior aviation personnel that he has already given notice he is quitting his post as Administrator on or before the November election: http://removesturgell.blogspot.com/2008_07_01_archive.html Sunday, July 20, 2008, “FAA’s Bobby Sturgell Quits.” –

Mister President, that’s not soon enough.

Quiet Rockland and I urge you to please do the right thing, withdraw Sturgell’s nomination as FAA Administrator, and fire him from his job. If you do not, then Bobby Sturgell will continue to jeopardize our safety and our lives, and he will be a permanent black-mark on your Presidency and your Presidential legacy. Please do not allow those things to happen. This country needs good news right now, and we need to know that the proverbial self-cleaning oven of government actually works. I am an Independent and proud American, as my many past correspondences with your honorable father will attest.

This is not a party issue. This is not about politics. This is about our safety and our lives, and our collective right as a people to self-determination, truth, and well-being. God Bless You for listening, and responding, and I will be happy to return the professional courtesy at any time.

Very truly yours,

John J. Tormey III, Esq. Quiet Rockland


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By John J. Tormey III, Esq. Quiet Rockland

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