Massive Fire Damages Seven Buildings in Chicago’s Lakeview

Fire Leaves Trail of Destruction

A massive fire has caused damage in seven buildings in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood Monday afternoon.

The fire reportedly started around the neighborhood and slowly became so massive that it became too hard to contain.

A strong force of 127 firefighters responded to the scene and eventually contained the fire. But the aftermath is massive destruction.

Authorities said three buildings were on fire, but seven total suffered damage. One building was totally burned down while one other suffered minor damage.

The fire also engulfed 12 apartments causing displacement of 30 people.

The origin of the Fire

The blaze was cited after 5 p.m. at 3338 N. Marshfield Ave. After 30 minutes, the fire spread so fast it was upgraded to a three-alarm blaze.

Witnesses say the blaze may have started on the back porch of one of the buildings. But the cause of the fire is still undetermined.

In addition, officials ruled out that the blaze spread quickly because of moderate winds and the proximity of the buildings.

Black Smokes Shooting in the Air

The massive fire is described by the residents as so intense that it caused black smoke to spread through the neighborhood including the busy streets of Lincoln, Belmont, and Ashland in Chicago’s Lake View neighborhood.

Nobuko Kuroda, a fire victim says, “Black smoke was everywhere. It was hard to breathe when I got out. I don’t know, it just looked really bad.”

No One is Injured

With the prompt response of the city’s fire department, homeowners and workers in the building were able to evacuate and no rescues were needed.

A firefighter in Chicago.
A firefighter in Chicago.

Officials also reported that no one was injured in the fire. However, one firefighter suffered a burn on the arm but is in good condition.

For those who were displaced, the Red Cross is helping residents and facilitating their accommodation.

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