InterAction Pledges More Than $1 Billion to Improve Food Security Worldwide

With its commitment of combat hunger around the world, the UNited States of America today announced that InterAction, a

leading U.S.-based international NGOs ha spledged more than $1 billion in private funds over the next three years on agriculture, food and nutrition programs.

In her remarks at at Feed the Future: Partnering with Civil Society at New York City, US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says InterAction’s members are at the forefront of the global fight against hunger and poor nutrition.

Bono, international social justice activist and lead singer and principal lyricist of the Irish rock band U2, speaks at the launch of the Irish Hunger Commission Report.


Secretary Clinton praised the work of civil society organizations, including members of InterAction.

“But civil society organizations are crucial to our success in both the public and the private sector.” -Ms. Clinton

Secretary Clinton reports that of this $1 billion, five U.S.-based organizations together have pledged to invest more than $900 million in this effort.

They are World Vision, Heifer International, Catholic Relief Services, Save the Children, and ChildFund International, she cited.

Starting in 2013, InterAction will make annual reports here at the UN General Assembly on its commitments and disbursements worldwide, she announced.

“And I am so grateful to InterAction and its members for their outstanding support and generosity.” -Secretary Clinton

To tackle the problem of food insecurity, in 2009, the US government had reaffirmed the principles reflected in the L’Aquila Food Security Initiative, the international community’s $22 billion pledge to support agricultural development worldwide, including the President Obama’s pledge of $3.5 billion through its Feed the Future Initiative for global hunger and food security.

In 2010, Secretary Clinton launched the 1,000 Days partnership with Ireland, the United Nations, and other international partners to improve nutrition from pregnancy through a child’s second birthday, which is critical for lifelong health and development.

The United States of America considers food security at the top of its national and foreign policy agendas.

Global leaders and President Obama had endorsed the L’Aquila Joint Statement on Global Food Security at the 2009 G8 Summit, marking a turning point for international efforts to achieve sustainable global food security.

The agreement was reached to a take a comprehensive approach to ensuring food security; coordinate effectively; support country-owned processes and plans; engage multilateral institutions in advancing efforts to promote food security worldwide; and deliver on sustained and accountable commitments.

This year marks the final year of the AFSI donor governments’ pledge to mobilize $22 billion USD toward global food security over three years.

Under the Obama administration, the government considers food security is closely linked to economic growth, social progress, political stability, and peace. The administration gives importance that there must be real progress in delivering on commitments to improve food security.

In response to the spike in global food prices in 2007-2008, President Obama pledged $3.5 billion to help poor countries fight hunger by investing in agricultural development. The U.S. Government’s Feed the Future Initiative utilizes innovation, research, and development to improve agricultural productivity, link farmers to local and regional markets, enhance nutrition, and build safety nets. These investments will increase the supply of food where it is needed and help vulnerable people withstand price shocks better.

G-8 countries announced in July 200 that L’Aquila Food Security Initiative that will provide $20 billion over three years towards agricultural development in impoverished countries.

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